To Do List, My Lazy Blogging Excuse

Like all of us, I actually do have a life.  And often it gets in the way of my blogging.  I started blogging in April, and by August I had to quit my day job so I could blog full-time.  Such a sad excuse to retire, but V says I go after blogging like I did my job, and according to V – not my boss –  I was a workaholic.

We're really working.   Proofing the Conference Program.
We’re really working. Proofing the Conference Program.



The Conference is March 8-10.  So much to do.
The Conference is March 8-10. So much to do!!!  

As you may know, I am still heavily invested in the social studies teaching community through California Council for the Social Studies, San Joaquin Valley Council for the Social Studies and National Council for the Social Studies as well as the Tulare County Historical Society, and I am just about to join our local Kiwanis Club thanks to Running P Ranch Co-Captain, Sally Pace.  This week three of them have had meetings.  The funny thing about meetings is that there is always work attached.  On top of that V’s son is having a birthday soon, and we are celebrating with him.  Paula’s son just had a birthday, and we will celebrate with them on Sunday.

Meet V's son, J.  Isn't he handsome?  Can you guess his age?
Meet V’s son, J. Isn’t he handsome? Can you guess his age?



How old is this handsome “grandson” of mine?


I say all this to apologize if my posts for the rest of this month may be sketchy or nil.  I’m not sure if I can stop blogging altogether.  I am super addicted, as you can tell.  But if I do neglect to get up a post or two, please feel free to rummage around in my past posts.  I have tons.  I can’t stop myself.  Some of them are better than others, but my WordPress friends are probably glad to let you know in the sidebars which are the most popular.  They are all pretty random.  They are streaming thoughts, after all.

This also means that I have been and will continue to neglect my visiting of your blogs somewhat.  Again, I don’t mean to.  I am reading my reader as I travel – if I’m not driving!!!  unfortunately it sends me tons of blogs I hardly even know, and who never write me back.  I am prejudiced and I really prefer to visit people who actually visit me, and write back to me when I scribble out a few comments on their blogs as well.  My reader tries to expand my repertoire, but it often misses my valued closest friends.

My email notifier is good, but I find when I click from there many of your blogs make me sign in three or four times before I can even like what you said.  I have to admit that when I am on my iPhone, I have no patience with those sign ins.  I hit the wrong keys, and end up having to enter at least 6 or 7 times before I get it right!   I’m bouncing around in a car, so I get mad and go back to playing Farkle.  I’m sorry – did I just tell you that?  So mindless of me.

All that to say, if you don’t hear much from me this week, it’s not because I don’t love and think about you.   🙂  ML

So that you can keep  me in line, here’s my list.  Feel free to comment.  Marsha, did you call… or did you …  And if you think of anything else I missed, be sure to comment that, too.  Except you, Ralph.  You’ll have a complete additional to do list for me that I’ll never be able to finish!!! JK  haha



  • Call Scott with model number  3712
  • Call John  and arrange for him to drive the trailer to Scotts.  (Yes, we’re selling our Layton 39 foot trailer – anyone interested.  You can see it on Ebay or on my FB page.)  We’ll deliver if you live in Spain or England!!  JK  🙂  We can’t tow it  –  it’s LONG, but spotless and comfy.  We store it mostly.
  • process pictures
  • input hilton honors information


  • Proofread the conference program
  • Look over the BOD packet (haha that’s Board of Directors, Ralph!!  Don’t get all worked up!!!)
  • Avi needs to have someone write up the motion for the board packet.  
  • I need to write a motion to accept the changes in the bylaws.  
  • I will highlight sessions and workshops.   Three or four compelling topics in each subject area.
  • I need to write up motion for reverse brokering.
  • Work on the membership brochure at least the text.  See if Paula or V will help me with the graphics.
  • Mary is drafting a letter that will go to people who will be new members.  As one of the benefits you receive a complimentary membership to CCSS. 
  • I need to pass the brochure on to Mary.    
  • I need to follow up with Mary to make sure she has written the letter.


  • email Laile with the results of our conversation tonight

Isn’t this fascinating?  Am I desperate for something to write or what??  Can you guess which ones are done????

What have I missed Avi?  Brent?  Terry?  Sharon? V?

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

33 thoughts on “To Do List, My Lazy Blogging Excuse”

  1. I so agree with you about ‘reader’. I wonder why it misses out some that I crave, and pops in some real oddities. This is why I generally subscribe by email, hence my overcrowded inbox. I’m often tempted to just put everybody on reader, especially when I go away. 😕 Have a great and productive trip. I’ll still be around when you get back. I’m not going anywhere for a while. 🙂 xx


  2. Nope. When I retire, I’ll be blogging about how many naps I took that day.
    Sounds like a lot of work that you love.
    Have fun! and see you when you come around…


  3. January is a really busy month for me too–lots of storytelling performances to get to and rehearse for. I try to keep up with reading, but I have to admit that when I am in a time crunch, I still do my best to check in with the blogs of the people who take the time to comment on mine, and I try to return that courtesy. Good luck with all your meetings!


    1. Yes, I do, too! I would love to hear your stories. I bet you are wonderful!!! That is something I think I would really enjoy doing. I did get invited to do that once when I was taking a storytelling class for my credential. It was fun!


  4. I’ve found I’m busier after retirement than I’ve ever been in my life! I had a big giggle when you said you’d retired to take up blogging full-time 😀

    Best of luck with all your meetings and I’ll be checking out your ‘ancient blogs’ if you’re away for a while 🙂


  5. The trick with to-do lists is not to add two more items for every one that you cross off. I find that at least when I have a list everything I need to do stops burbling around in my head and I can get things done more quickly. Good luck and see you soon. PS what is this conference you’re organising? I must have missed this while I was away.


    1. hahaha Isn’t that the truth! I just finished a biggie on my list, so now I’m going to celebrate. Want to go shopping? How about out for an ice cream? A long walk? hmmm You say there’s more to do? Noooooooooooo! 🙂


          1. I agree. I have fast internet here at this hotel, but I have definitely been internet challenged at home, and during the last two week-ends. Then today, when I have fast internet, I’m too tired to stay up! What’s up with that????? 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  6. Wow. A whole week! Possibly a month without Marsha!! What will I do? I know … a To Do List! Write To Do List, read To Do List, edit To Do List, reread To Do List, screw up To Do List. Done!! Now what? Hmmm! I could do another To Do Lis……………. 😉 Isn’t it quiet in here? tum-tee-tum-tee-dum!!!


    1. Ralph, why do I smile every time I read your posts? Are you marathon swimming, I mean commenting, now? You are certainly not drowning!!! Was that just a ruse to get us to slow down so you could win the gold medal of commenters? YOU WIN!!!! Hey EVERYBODY LISTEN UP! WP has just announced it! Ralph has been Fresh Pressed for his expert commenting!!! There is a concern that he may have drown a few women swimming in the fast lanes next to him as he broke all the records for commenting and the Waves of Hilarity wafted tsunami style across the olympic commenting pool that stretches from Spain to California. Hold on to your ropes ladies. RALPH is BACK!!!! Wheeeeeeee!!!! 🙂


    1. hahaha I think you have too! I have no idea how you get to so many people, make so many comments, and post so many posts and get anything else done! You have so many followers. I can’t keep up with the ones I have, let alone if I was getting more than 100 on every post!!! You are amazing. I can’t even get to your posts every day now, and believe me, I try. I’ve been up over an hour now, maybe 2 and all I’ve done is answer emails and FB and comments. I haven’t even started loading pictures or writing a post!!! But I’m not complaining. Well, I am, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the comments!!! 🙂


      1. I know what you mean, setting up this blog has taken a lot of time. I don’t get to all the comments anymore. I just can’t. I would spend all day just doing that. Oh well, hopefully people will understand. Bedtime here, night. 🙂


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