Should I Celebrate Now, Or Wait Until 20,000?

Ah forget it, I’ll celebrate now.  I went over 18,000 views today!!!


Would you celebrate with me?

Dog caught

Can’t you see I’m in kind of a bind?

Yes, I see that.  I’ll call for some help.  HELP!!! HELP!!

Dog tired

Can’t you see, I’m tired?  Wait till you get to 20,000.  You just toot your own horn too often anyway!  Go away!

Sure, sure.  Bye.


Dog winking

Uh sure, I’ll stop by.  What time are you celebrating?

Soon as I send out the post!  You know how to get here?

Yeah, sure.  You can count on me…”  (hahaha little does she know.)

Dog spam

continuously i used to read smaller articles which also clear their motive, and that is also happening with this article which I am reading at this place.

Who are you?  Did I invite the folks in the spam folder?  I must have.

Dog not mad

Did you see the last comment I left you?

No, did you say something mean?

I don’t know, you seemed a little upset.

No, how could I be upset with you.  You’re one of my favorite bloggers.   We’re good.  🙂

Dog melted

It’s too hot to travel.  The planes here in Australia can’t even take off because of the extreme heat!  You folks in California get all the cold. Can you hold off till March when the weather cools off a little.  You won’t have many more visits by then, will you?

I understand.  We get into the 110s in our summer.  Go jump in the pool.  🙂

Dog Starbucks

I can’t read your stats on Mom’s iPad besides stats make me sleepy.

I have even better coffee here than at Starbucks.

*yawn*  ok maybe.

So what about you?  What are you doing today.  Want to stop by and party???  What’s your favorite party snack?  Who’s your favorite foodie blogger?  Got a favorite party beverage?  What about venue?  Who’s your favorite travel blogger?  We might have it at the Running P.  It’s got a ring to it.  Marsha Lee’s at the Running P.  RSVP  🙂

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

87 thoughts on “Should I Celebrate Now, Or Wait Until 20,000?”

        1. Hi Ralph!! Welcome!! Those sandwiches look YUMMY! I love tuna and cucumber! What’s in the bottle? I see a little boat inside. Awwww, is this a little surprise for me? We are going on a boat ride??? Awesome!!! So come on in. Would you like to sit by the fire? Want some chips and dip to go with your sandwiches? Hey everyone, this is Ralph – he brought sandwiches. Have you met my other friends? Glorious is here as is Natalie, and I think you have met her. STuff and Alastair are here, too. Do you know MH and Jody? So come on in. There’s dancing out by the cabana. V has the barbecue going out back if you’d like to check that out. Folks are playing games in the other room. Do you like card games, board, or video games??? Visiting with friends??? I’m so glad you came by!! 🙂


      1. Hi Marsha. The hostess with the mostest. It’s a little chilly so I think I’ll go and have a dance to warm up then mingle with the single and see what’s cooking and catch up with the latest gossip. Hi everyone !!


        1. See I just told Glorious you like to dance, so head on out. Manny’s been in charge of the music, but you might want to give him a hand. Save a dance for me, though – even though I’m not single, I’ve been taking lessons, so I love to practice when I can!!! Ute isn’t here yet, so when she gets here we’ll have her show us the latest moves. 🙂


      2. *whispering in your ear* Is it possible for you to change the DJ as Manny has put the “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” on 10 times now and people are drifting away from the dance floor


        1. Thanks for coming Ralph. I’ll talk to Manny, but you know how it is. He IS spoiled, and he gets his own way most of the time!!! I’m sorry. Come back when you can stay longer. 🙂


        1. Ouch!! My mom broke hers roller skating when she was 40! She had to go in for a shot, and I went with her. I was traumatized maybe more than she was. I couldn’t stand seeing my mom in such pain!!! So I’m sorry that you are having tailbone issues!! 🙂


          1. 🙂 It’s alright! I’m glad it’s just a bruise, not a break… because all the stories I’ve heard have sounded traumatizing! No more jumping on the bed for me, haha! 😀


        1. hahaha – yeah! maybe I won’t have anything else going then either. Actually I have one more book review to write, but I’m swamped right now with all the other stuff I need to get done! So good night, my dear friend. I’ll see you tomorrow!!!


          1. My iPhone isn’t that sophisticated. It’s a 4 not a 4s. I love Siri. Ask it, “What is the meaning of life?” Sometimes it will give you a pretty good answer. 🙂


          2. That’s the only one I’ve really tried because, my friend is the one with that kind of phone. I still have a while on my contract, so I’ll have to wait for the Siri with the Fringe on the Top! (You’re too young to remember Oklahoma, though!!!) 🙂


  1. wow wow wow What the heck celebrate now then again at 20,000. Party party! That’s an amazing feet but I’m sure it didn’t have anything to do with your foot so it must be a feat.


        1. So now it’s party time!!! What can I get for you? You and your wife are the picture of contentment as you journey along on your many trips taking lovely pictures for the rest of us to enjoy!!! 🙂


  2. Congrats on so many views (and the oodles of comments you always get!). I’m going to have a meander around in your archives to see if it’s possible to drive the 18,000 up to 20,000 sooner. 😀


    1. You are never too late to party Jody. What would you like? Something sweet, something wet, salty? A game or dancing? Have a good laugh or twoA chance to let your hair down and visit with friends? Lay out by the pool – it’s still a little cold for that. Just make yourself at home. 🙂 🙂 ML


    1. Why thanks. Are you coming to celebrate with me? What can I get you? A big smile? A candy bar? I know – a trip on BART to downtown SF!!! You know we can make our party anything we want it to be!! 🙂


      1. Ohh you make it all sound so doable. OK, I’ll take all the above please, thank you. Smiles are awesome. I love Cadbury milk chocolate. And I’ll be a good travel buddy and take lots of pretty pictures of Manny.


        1. Yeah!! Manny is blushing. Come over here and meet Glorious. Maybe you can show her all around. Dancing is outside by the cabana. Manny chose the music. He saw your picture on the computer, and he was hoping you would be her. He’s a terrible flirt! I just happen to have Cadbury milk chocolate right here. And there are tons of smiles all over the house and outside, too. Ralph just got here, so he can show you all around, and I know he likes to dance. Alastair is here. Do you know him? He loves music. Renee loves music, too, but she isn’t here yet. She’s from New Zealand, so it takes her a little while to get here. She plays the guitar quite well. Oh Glorious, you’re going to have such fun!!! And you’re going to meet the nicest people!!! 🙂


          1. Yes, I believe I have met Ralph. And I knew Manny was a ladies bear. Seen Alistair around, haven’t met him. Don’t think I’ve come across Renee, but you never know. Everyday there are more people to meet.This is some jam you have going on. I don’t doubt that I’ll have a good time 🙂


          2. Well Ralph is looking for you. He’s been chilly in Spain, so he’s going to dance a bit. I see Alastair just popped his head in again, so I’ll go great him, while you make yourself at home. 🙂


          3. You should be sleepy little one. It’s late here!!! It’s much later there! Watch Ralph’s video he just sent me, that will put you to sleep, or make you laugh as hard as I did. One or the other. 🙂


  3. Any excuse for a party, Marsha, now and again on the 20 000. congratulations. I am soon with you , maybe tomorrow if you are going to visit me 700 times ????Possible? I’ll think of something else then…..
    By the way my favourite snack food are doritoes with chives and sour cream dip with a glas of white wine. That will do nicely. I might try one of Ralph’s sandwiches too! Cheers Ute xx


    1. Ho Ute!!!!! i’m so glad you came!!! Cheers to you. I’ve sort of promised the folks that you’d be teaching us some new dance steps!! White wine coming up. Help yourself to chips and sandwiches. I sent Ralph out to help Manny with the dance music, but I think he and Manny got into it a bit. I guess Manny was being a little aggressive about choice of music. You know how grumpy bears can get when someone crosses them. Poor Ralph, he might come back if he knows you are here to dance with. :). Enjoy the wine, and the other guests;). Thanks for coming!!!


        1. Nice thought! I knew with your love for people and teddy bears you’d be the right person to solve that dilemma. Did you have a nice flight over? How was the weather back home? Aren’t you loving this 64 degree , sunny day? V has some steaks just about ready on the barby when you’re ready. Do you know everyone here??


  4. Such downcast canines in compromising positions. Oh, what about Cats?? No cat pixes. We have six, four are adopted from multiple donors. My son left one, a Bengal cat most regal; the house we bought years ago-the owner turned over the house to us and left,but a little female feline was left behind!! Fyodor, the newest, came out of the brush, mewling for help. Of course he became Cat No. 6!

    Congrats on 18K of Visitors. A most distinguished milestone for the Blogosphere.


    1. Thank you Sir! I must apologize. We really don’t know each other well, and I have acted like we have know each other for 20 years, and indeed I almost feel that we have through AJ. Of course, you would have 6 cats. We are down to only two. We have had more. We started out with 0, then went immediately to 4. Mama and Scardy are all that is left of the original 4. Mama and Callie had tons of kitties before we could catch them and have them fixed, but we got well acquainted in the meantime. Several of their kitties are scattered throughout the neighborhood ensconced in their own homes now. My favorite is Pugs, and some day I will tell her story. Another favorite is Lucky – a different litter, and a very good story as well. Callie was killed by a racing car down our lonely street while we were away on vacation. She was never really tamed. The other cats that have come by have never really been ours, and Mama and Scardy are not very welcoming, shall we say? We can’t have our cats inside because V is allergic to cats, but that doesn’t keep him from feeding them every day. OUTSIDE! Well, it’s almost 4:00 alm, so I’ll sign off here. Lots of love to you and Babs 🙂 ML


    1. Hi Marylin,

      Aren’t those great. They came from a friend who emails me funny stuff all the time. Who thinks of all this stuff, I wonder. People must pull pictures off the internet all the time, and reconfigure it and put it back up – much like I did, rather unprofessionally, with the dogs. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Enjoy the party!!!!! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


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