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Mike Pace was a history teacher.  Sally was a high school counselor that raised more scholarships than almost anyone in the nation – per student.  She was one of three in the NATION!!!!  That’s how we all met.  They retired a few years ago, and they both keep more than busy doing projects.  They have created Running P Ranch as a place for others to enjoy with them.  They host weddings, Kiwanis parties, and many other events.  Yesterday I posted just a few signs from the bar before I ran out of time.  Today, you’re in for a treat.

Meet Margaret Sanger, named for a historic person.  Do you know why Margaret  is famous?
Meet Margaret Sanger, named for a historic person. Do you know why Margaret is famous?

As it turns out Mike and Sally built a “bath” house for people who want to get married at Running P Ranch.  I wished I could get married when I saw all the cute, fun things at this ranch.  Here is the bath house where the bride gets ready.  There is even a high, high clothes bar to hang the full length dresses.

Mike and Sally collect things.  It’s dark in here, but you can get an idea of what’s in here.  All I needed was a horse or two and a beautiful white gown to create my perfect romantic ride.

Yard art intrigues me, especially when it is old farm equipment.  Some of these item you are going to have to guess at. Can you find the tractor tire?  How about the hand-held walking hoe that belonged to Mike Grandfather?  Lanterns are easy to locate.   Now if you are at a loss about these items, you can like Sally and Mike’s Fan Page at the end of this post.

I had to laugh at the two folks that looked just like Mike.  One of them came from New Mexico.  Can you guess which one?

One last item before I close.  You can’t have a ranch without having the proper attire.  Sally asked me not to photograph her, but I couldn’t resist this professional gear.  Notice the knees.

So there you have it, a more proper introduction to the Running P Ranch.  Hope you had as much fun as we did.  Of course you couldn’t have because you didn’t have Mike and Sally to escort you through, but just imbibe a little of my fun, and be sure to find a few things that make you laugh.

They started a Facebook Fan Page just 3 days ago.  Yesterday they had 111 fans already! I have 50, and mine started at least a month ago (I’m not competing!!!!)  Here is their fan page if you want to give them a like.

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

27 thoughts on “More Running P”

    1. You and your wife should know. You guys are experts on this retirement business. Right now I hardly feel retired. I had a committee planning meeting in Berkeley on Saturday, a phone conference on Sunday, which I totally forgot! A History Day Committee Meeting for the Tulare County Historical Society on Monday, follow up work for that this morning, We have a Kiwanis dinner tonight, and I have some follow up work for the magazine that I’ve also been working on this morning. Tomorrow I have a Scholar Series presentation I’m attending for the San Joaquin Valley Council for the Social Studies, then a website committee meeting which I will chair for the Tulare County Historical Society. On Thursday I’ll travel a few miles to Fresno for a Martin Luther King event for the San Joaquin Valley Council for the Social Studies, and then we have three social options for the weekend, and the next week begins with committee duties again. Who has time to work??????


        1. Oh come on now, Ralph, don’t you want your hand held? Karen was on the top of my list, too!!! My FB page says TC History Gal Productions. I still haven’t produced anything, so I’m not too surprised at my lack of fans!!! hahaha So don’t be too concerned about not being a fan. When I start selling something – like my Memoirs – you’ll be the first to know – then you must mend your ways and become a fan because you have been the wind in my sails to get things done!!!! So like it or not, you’ve fanned me!!! hahaha 🙂


    1. Yes. I need my hand holding sometimes ! What’s the use of having a production company with nothing produced ……. get some chickens and they’ll produce eggs for you. Just a suggestion. Then you can proudly show them off in FB. This is just a meanwhile suggestion as your Memoirs are coming …… yes? 😀 xox and a handshake for long suffering V


        1. ONLY 13 pages. I would have thought with your history, anecdotes, dreams, wins and failures that your Memoirs would total at least 5 pages……… no, sorry, 674 pages edited. Hey V. That will keep her quiet for at least 17 years 😉


  1. Marsha, Thanks for all the positive comments and great photos of the Running P Ranch. Our “retirement” project has keep us sooooo busy I really don’t know how we had time to work but we are still committed to promoting scholarship for Wonderful Woodlake High Students. Investing in our students is investing in the future of this country. We have LOTS of deserving young people that can really use the help and are very appreciative. Thanks for all you have done to support our students.

    If you know of any women who LOVES to work in the yard there is nothing better than built in knee pads – Check out Rosie’s Work Clothes for Women.


        1. Yes, it is isn’t it? We had a good time last night. If you’re not too busy, I’m going to walk in a bit. I’m still answering emails. Gosh that’s been 2 hours already!! Time flies!


    1. I know!!! Aren’t those cool. Sally left a comment telling where she gets them. She orders them online. I think Rosy something. Thanks for reading Alice. I know your gravitar from somewhere, so I thought I was following you, but I see I’m not. But I know you are friends with some of my friends. I’ll come see you!!! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


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