A Visit to Sally and Mike at the Running P Ranch

V wrote an offer on a beautiful home yesterday, and he wanted to show it to me.  So we drove by.  As it turned out, the home was just down the street from friends of mine.  We drove by, and there they were in their driveway.  Fortunately I had my camera with me because you won’t believe all the wonderful treasures I have to share with you from the Running P Ranch!

Running P

I’m not going to take you on the entire tour here because there is just too much.  Mike makes signs, so we will start and finish at the bar for today, so you will get a whiff of why the Running P Ranch is such a fun place.  Step right up.  Pick a favorite sign from this gallery of signs.

Runing P2This first sign that caught my eye indicated that this would probably be a fun place.  Keep in mind that both Mike and Sally worked in high schools for X # of years.  Not bad advice in Tulare County where the teen pregnancy rate tops any other statistic.  Just a note:  this is not where the high school kids come to congregate!!!  The teachers hang here!!!  They obey signs!Running P4

I don’t want you to get any ideas here!  But watch your pockets, folks!

Running P3Disappointed?

I’m out of time for today, so there you have it, and introduction to the Running P Ranch.  Hope you had as much fun as we did.  Of course you couldn’t have because you didn’t have Mike and Sally to escort you through, but just imbibe a little of my fun.

See you tomorrow???

Featured Blog

Featured Blog

Margaret just visited me.  It is my habit now to visit all the new people that visit my blog and leave their mark.  So I discovered Margaret who lives in the Pacific Northwest, where I spent the last two years of high school, and a few years past that.  She loves to travel, and has one of the most interesting headers.  She loves to write and travel.  Who wouldn’t like a gal like that?

I think she also likes to cook.  I spent quite a bit of time browsing, and just felt right at home.  I think you might, too!  🙂

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

10 thoughts on “A Visit to Sally and Mike at the Running P Ranch”

  1. Thanks for the great introduction to the Running P Ranch. Mike and I have had a great time expanding and constantly redoing our place for the past 33 years. Mike is a little like Mrs. Winchester – he has to keep building. Mike’s new hobby is routing signs and as you can see from Marsha’s photos he has had a great time.


    1. Yes, I can see the connection between Mike and Mrs. W. Fortunately I didn’t see any rifles lying around. I think she went mad!!! Well she was mad, no doubt, maybe all along!! I’m just sorry I didn’t get more things posted!!! I had a larger article, but I knew I couldn’t get all the pictures uploaded in the short time I had.


  2. I forgot to add that we now have a Facebook page. Visit the Running P Ranch on Facebook for more photos of events. Thanks Marsha for sharing our place


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