Happy Ohio Star

A few months into retirement, my goals are slowly coming to fruition.  I started quilting with Carmen, my friend who retired last year, and wanted to bring My Ohio Star Quilt to completion.  That proved to be easier said than done.

Ready to Go Ohio Star

I proudly took my ready to go quilt to Barbara Graham, my wonderful quilter.  It was to be ready in a week.  In a little over a week, she called me telling me that there was a LITTLE problem, but it was correctable.  I sadly took my quilt back home, and ripped off the edge that unsquared my quilt.

Ripped Ohio Star

Now Ohio Star is back home, complete and beautiful, and Barbara Graham will be my quilter for whatever project I ever do from now on.  She took pity on me when I returned my quilt the second time.  When she put it together, she discovered that the back of my quilt was also not square.  So instead of calling me again, she didn’t want to discourage me, so she had her daughter fix it for me.

Belavista Bears001

Now Ohio Star is at home on the bed, but just for a while.  It is a summer quilt, and I just wanted to show it off to all of you.  I couldn’t wait until summer.

Belavista Bears002

As I started showing it off, the bears got rowdy.  First the two that normally sit on the headboard, that at one time got into a terrible row with each other – a story that is worthy of its own post.

Belavista Bears004

Nurse Rabbit and her baby jumped right in.  Notice that they sat right next to boy bear.  That’s part of the story.

Manny jumps in

Then of course Manny joined the fray along with his own little bear that came to keep him company.

Kalev is not pleased!!!

Somebody else was less than pleased about this bedlam.

Belavista Bears012

It wasn’t long before Sweetie Pie and her clan climbed on board.

Belavista Bears017

Then friends of friends, that hadn’t really been part of the original clan jumped off the mantle and came over.  Another certain someone still wasn’t impressed.

Belavista Bears018

However, one of them smelled like one of her favorite girls, little Miss Chloe, better known as Mono, Choco, or the Monkey.

Missy Kitty and her baby joined in

Missy Kitty heard the excitement from the spare bedroom, and she carried her baby over to crash the party.

Manny, the gentleman

But Manny, always the gentleman, always concerned for the one who’s left out, went back to the spare bedroom and carried Mary Louise into our room so she wouldn’t feel left out.  She was my Grandma Golda’s doll.

Dr. Manny

Unfortunately she’s seen some hard times, and at one point in her life she broke her foot.  Manny, typical to his sweet nature, brought her foot to my attention, but Mary Louise quickly covered it up again.  I tried to explain to Manny that Mary Louise’s foot has been broken for many years, and she’s been stubborn about going to the doctor to get it fixed.

Belavista Bears032

At some point the bears, rabbits and kitties, and even Kalev quieted down, ashamed that they had been so rowdy when poor old Mary Louise sat so calmly in spite of any pains she might have been having.  They all rallied around her, and then went back to their rooms.

Belavista Bears035

It couldn’t have been soon enough for the Little Miss Puppy Girl.

Featured Blog

Featured Blog

Guess who started a blog?  Sir!!!  I reblogged his first post, so that you would get to know him quickly.  http://wp.me/p31FPU-M

I’ve been reading stories about Sir for about 6 months now from his wonderful blogger daughter, the briny lass, Autty Jade.  His first story looks like a hit, and I’m sure we’re in for some real treats as he gets his Blog legs under him.  Welcome to the Blogosphere, Sir  🙂

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

58 thoughts on “Happy Ohio Star”

      1. And what was Mummy Marsha doing whilst all this mayhem was going on. Taking photographs !! And leaving it up to the UN Troop > Manny to keep the peace on Ohio Star. Another traumatic experience for him ! I just don’t know what goes on in your house some times. Really !! 😉 xox


        1. You have me totally pegged. The kids all loved getting out. Kalev – not so much! Today I’m not home at all, but M is with me in SF with my friend Mary. Meeting in Berkeley tomorrow. 🙂


      1. Thanks for that – you might want to check the links on the page you replied with. WordPress seems to think I want to edit your posts, rather than read them. (Feel free to delete this reply BTW.)


        1. Thanks so much for the heads-up! I think it’s fixed now. I’m going to have my husband check for me. Thanks again so much. It’s amazing how much I DON’T know even after doing this for 8 months.


  1. Oh Marsha the quilt looks wonderful. I remember the post when you talked about having to take it apart, well some of it. I am so glad that it is done now and you should be so proud of it. Well done. 🙂


    1. Thank you Miss Happy. I’m not really crazy about Puppy Girl. I joined the family first, and she doesn’t seem to realize it. But I show her. I get to go places she can only dream about. Do you know Utesmile? She has a lot of Stuffeds, and I got to stay with her in England. She’s such a spoiled princess! 😦 Mom says I’m spoiled. You don’t think I am do you, Miss Happy? xoxoxox Manny 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m in love with Ute, Miss Happy. She treats me like a Stuffed should be treated. And she loves her Stuffeds so much, and she dances with me. And she’s pretty. Do you think I’m too young for Ute? She told me I was too young for her. BTW Danny is my friend. So is Justin Beaver. Do you know him? Do you know Fanny? She lives with Ralph. They are my friends, too. Justin lives with Mrs. ET (Eternal Traveler) I went to Australia and Spain, too, and Germany and Austria. Poor Puppy Girl. Maybe I should be nicer to her. She only gets to go with Mom and Dad. I’m a big boy now, and I get to go by myself on a plane. 🙂 xox I love you too, BTW. Do you dance? I’m 8.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Hi Manny, You’re such a sweetie. Yes I love dancing too. And Ute is a very lovely lady. I’ve heard mention of Justin Beaver before, was it from you? I haven’t met Fanny and Ralph, but I been viewing lovely photos over at ET. I’m from Australia too. You sure have done a lot of traveling! Lots of Love, Miss Happy.


          2. Thank you Miss Happy. The next time I go see Mrs. ET, I’ll ask her to bring me over to see you. I want to meet Leanne Cole and Dianne Gray, too. They’re my mom’s friends, but I know they will love me, too.

            Liked by 1 person

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