My Favorite Attraction: Live Bronze Statue in Balboa Park

Balboa Park attracts visitors for many reasons.  The magic show had the largest audience, but he had trouble performing his acts because his audience came and went, saw part of the act, then left.  How does one distract at distracted audience?

SFW San Diego History Girls 1-13131
The audience didn’t look distracted, but I think the people walking by distracted him!

SFW San Diego History Girls 1-13129

Down the way was a group of bird handlers, and we I challenged myself to hold a bird.  I can no longer say that I am deathly afraid of birds.

They're not pecking at her, so maybe I'll try it!!!
They’re not pecking at her, so maybe I’ll try it!!!

We stopped in the model railroad museum 15 minutes before closing time for just a dollar admission.  I think that was plenty of time to get a pose or two on the tracks for Ralph to save me, but clearly I’ve convinced him that I’m really not the damsel in distress type.  And he even accused me of endangering Manny on purpose!  Well, Ralph, it happened to Leslie, too.

SFW San Diego History Girls 1-13214

One of the main attractions was the Lady in Bronze.  At first I didn’t realize she was real, but she moved.  Ever so slightly.  When she saw Manny, she reached out her hand to hold him.  He was captivated.  She blew him a good bye kiss as he left.  I think she was a little concerned with the ladies who carried Manny around.  Ralph would have less to say about Manny’s mistreatment here!!!  Go ahead, Ralph – I dare you!!!

SFW San Diego History Girls 1-13257

Leslie got a little agitated at a little photo hog while we were snapping pictures of Statue Lady, and told her to “Just go, now.”  She obeyed.  If I’d done that….  Here are a few more pictures of my favorite bronze lady.  She was a statue with looks and personality!

I first saw painted bodies in London in the 1990s, and was amazed that anyone could wear nothing but paint, and sit motionless for so many hours.  I always imagined that the paint would be very toxic to the body because skin is our body’s largest organ.  I just read an interesting article on body painting, and, of course, the paint sellers say that it is safe.  It can be applied by brush or air brush to clean, non-oily skin or clothing.

Featured Blog

Featured Blog

Of course, I don’t even have to think about this one, or go research it.  I read it all the time. I even learned how he turns Zoey the Cool Cat into postage stamps.  The only disappointment I had in the whole 4 hours we spent was that as we left the restaurant he recapped, “Ok the person next to me, that’s Laurie, and across from her was Debbie, and next to you was Leslie, and YOU’RE…”  hahaha  It happens to men, too!  I once introduced myself as Connie Smith – to a GROUP!!!  OK that’s worse, but…  Have you guessed my Featured Blog, yet?  He’s much more famous than I, who features him!  If not, you’ll just have to click on Zoey and visit his blog.  I’m not going to tell you!!!  Oh yes, I can remember his name… hahaha 🙂

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, a retired educator and wife of a retired realtor. My all-consuming hobby is blogging and it has changed my life. My friends live all over the world. In November 2020, we sold everything and retired to the mile-high desert of Prescott, AZ. We live less than five miles from the Granite Dells, four lakes, and hundreds of trails with our dog, Kalev, and two cats, Moji and Nutter Butter. Vince's sister came with us and lives close by. Every day is a new adventure.

36 thoughts on “My Favorite Attraction: Live Bronze Statue in Balboa Park”

  1. I hate the bronze people. There’s something about me that always makes them start moving at me whenever I pass them.
    Freaks me out every time.

    Love a good model railroad though!


    1. It must be that you are so guapo – hello!!!!! I saw a really fantastic railroad museum in Delaware, but it was so dark. This one was great, but surrounded by glass everywhere!!! They were really nice. My favorite Railroad museum was in Sacramento at the state railroad museum!!!!

      Next time, don’t look so handsome when you pass a bronze statue!!!!! 🙂 hahaha ML


        1. Well if you get a chance come by. We live right on the way to the Sequoia National Forest – the biggest trees in the world. email me if you want to go see them. I could use a photography trip up there. I’m going to Berkeley and Sacramento this week-end for a meeting, though.


          1. Marsha, Thanks for the invite. Wish I would have connected to you when we were traveling those parts late last year. We are in SD for another 3 weeks then heading out to AZ. Perhaps next time 🙂


          2. Another time, then, LuAnn! Have a great 3 more weeks in SD. I’m jealous. When my dad lived there, it was my goal to move there, but now I love where I am, and plan to stay put – at least for the time being! Enjoy AZ!! We’ll keep in touch via blogging! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  2. We spent a couple of days in Balboa Park on our US trip a couple of years ago. When we went there was even a quilt exhibition on at the Mingei. Did you also see an African warrior performance in that same grassy area where the birds were? He was there both days we were and it was surprising to see the guy give identical performances, time after time.


    1. No, he wasn’t there, or if he was, we didn’t see it anywhere. That would be interesting! It’s a great place. Part of the charm is that you go again and again, and it’s always something different. My dad used to live in San Diego, and went nearly every day. 🙂


  3. Wow the bronze lady looks really amazing! 🙂 She really got this personality huh. 🙂 As I see it is, I’m happy that you enjoyed the trip! 🙂


    1. Kind of unusual for statues to be moving. That’s what alerted us from a distance that something was different about this statue. I was really surprised when she started blowing Manny kisses, and when she reached out to hold him!!! 🙂


  4. Hi Connie Smith. I see you have challenged me to a duel………..handbags at 50 yards ?? Leslie didn’t have Manny quaking beside her and she was thoroughly enjoying the experience.. Is this a fantasy that Californian women have? Being tied to rail tracks? I am really jealous of Manny wrapped up in the arms of the bronze lady. What a woman !! Doesn’t nag or argue……doesn’t even talk!! Mind you she would be very noisy clanking around the house all day 😉 Connie? Marsha wanted more hugs and kisses but I’ll give them to you instead. ((((hug))) kiss.kiss.kiss. Ralph x 😀


    1. hahaha I hate to say this, but I sort of see your point. Leslie was having far too much fun there on the tracks. Everyone that walked by, did so carefully, so as not to spoil the fearful ambiance with ludicrous laughter. Oh right, we were the ones laughing. I didn’t know you had a handbag, Ralph.

      You know you started the railroad adventure, and don’t try to deny it! And yes the bronze lady was quiet, but her eyes talked, and she so wanted to tell Manny how much she loved him. She blew him passionate kisses. Even I was jealous of Manny, getting so many kisses, when even my best xoer was sending me none, and was only arguing with me and threatening me with a possible jail sentence. Manny knew we were going to be rescued. He had no fear. Sure enough, soon he rested in the arms of the lovely Bronze Lady. Fair pay for his theatrical troubles on the track! Besides, he wanted to be by my side!!!!! I didn’t put him in danger on purpose. He has a mind of his own, as you MUST be able to tell from the pictures.


  5. Interesting outing and surely fun, specially as Manny was with you again. Those Bronze people amaze me, we have them in Covent Garden, I think it is such work to get bronzed and imagine getting it all off you again in the evening… and then standing htere all day… oh no… not me! Did she make some money?


  6. The Bronze Lady reminds me of that woman the original James Bond GOLD FINGER movie…only the Bronze Lady didn’t suffocate under the paint. Manny is soooo lucky, always the welcomed guest at every gathering.


    1. Yes, he had the time of his life. He was always in the arms of one lady or another, or climbing on statues. It was a week-end of SO much fun!!! The bronze lady was so adorable – very tiny, and didn’t seem one be suffocating one bit. 🙂 Thanks for all these wonderful comments!!! 🙂


  7. Hello, this is Sir, Auty Jade’s Dad. I now have my own blog. Great post and love the statue. I and my family went to Dominican yrs ago. We saw a huge statue of Chris Columbus. Babs disliked it. It was in Santo Domingo, Columbus allegedly first landed there. The statue is made of bronze. I like your blog and look forward to reading many more posts and see what Babs is always Roaring about!!


    1. Hi Sir,
      Welcome, welcome!!! I’m so excited that yo have started your own blog!!! I adore your daughter and her blog, and have been missing her recently, and I look forward to getting better acquainted with you as well. I loved her last post with all your pictures! Very, very much fun! I know that you are going to have a wonderful time blogging, and there are so many marvelous folks on the web out here!!!!

      Your trip sounds wonderful. I have never been to the Dominican Republic, but have high hopes of doing much more traveling now that I am retired. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and welcome back many times!!! The bronze lady sends you her greetings!!! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  8. We had a man in Melbourne that used to be all silver but looked a little like a spaceman. He would stand very still, and then do something completely surprising to scare you, it was great.


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