History Girls Rule San Diego Part 1

Maybe rule is not quite the right word.  Roam might be better.  Manny decided to go along.  He had never been to San Diego.

SFW San Diego History Girls 1-13006

We were both ready to get out of the Tule Fog.

SFW San Diego History Girls 1-13023

By the time we got on the way up over the Grapevine, the fog was almost all gone, and blue skies prevailed.

SFW San Diego History Girls 1-13059

The weather in San Diego amazed me – no rain.  It rains EVERY time I go there.  Ok it rained today when we were leaving.

SFW San Diego History Girls 1-13065

It was great, I only had to drive to Leslie’s house, then she drove the rest of the way.  Thanks Leslie!!!  The History Girls wasted no time having fun.  Our first stop was our amazing motel.

SFW San Diego History Girls 1-13073

Manny looked around to see if there was any food or presents for him.

SFW San Diego History Girls 1-13082

From the hotel we went to Balboa Park, then to the Prado for dinner.  After that I was finished touring, and Leslie and Laurie went to Babycakes and had cupcakes and champagne.  I uploaded pictures, tried to get on the internet and then read.  Here are a FEW of the pictures from Balboa Park that Manny thought I should include.  He’s sparing you from all 240 of them just from Balboa Park!!!

If you like these, then I’ll share more with you later.  If you get too bored, then…  well, I’ll be flummoxed.  Hope you enjoy his choices.  🙂

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

37 thoughts on “History Girls Rule San Diego Part 1”

    1. Thanks! He was a Valentine’s present from my husband YEARS ago!!!! He’s just making a comeback after 3 years of Kalev taking over his favored spot in our hearts! Poor Manny. He’s been a little bent out of shape. He used to go everywhere with us!!!!


  1. Looks like you had fun. One point I must bring up is that although it is okay for you to be tied to a rail track. I must report you for putting Manny in extreme danger. His poor little nerves must be shot after that terrifying experience 😉


    1. I didn’t do that! Victims don’t tie themselves and their favorite bears to the track! Your feelings for me have certainly deteriorated over the days I’ve known you if you believe that I am capable of that!!!!


      1. I’m sorry but the picture shows beyond reasonable doubt in a teddy court of law that Manny was on the track with you and you were in fact NOT tied to the rails.. Do you have any last words before I pass sentence. 😉


        1. I was hoping to get saved, not attacked by a fellow blogger!!!!!! No sentence needed! My attackers are more modern. They didn’t use ropes, they used guns, and Manny and I were frightened for our lives, not just by the approaching train, but by the gunwomen. A picture is worth a thousand sentences!!! I’m amazed that you can’t see the fear on our faces!!!


        1. Done. We are both grateful that we weren’t killed there on the tracks. We have plenty of leftovers, and we have been celebrating all morning. Creme brule and cookies for breakfast. Peanut brittle and chocolate covered Oreos for lunch. And Babycakes cupcakes for dinner. 🙂


      2. it’s nice to see that you are taking your calorie controlled diet seriously with none of those fruit and veg ideas people bandy about. You can’t beat a cupcake to get in trim 😀


        1. Those were Baby Cakes, Ralph. Tomorrow, I start back in again. It’s a new year, a new resolution. I’ll get right on it. AND I’ve got to work on my cartwheeling. I got the first hand ok, but when the second hand went down, so did I, so I have a bit of brushing up on that to do as well. Lots to do this year!!! 🙂


          1. OK I messed up a little bit. I still had some baby cakes. But I only ate half!!! Does that count??? Where’s all my xs and ox? Am I just getting to look too much like a Baby Cake? I’ll send you a new picture. ML ;(


      3. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
        Whew I’m coming up for air Cupcake 😀


        1. ok…. ok,…. ok push, push, not so tight…. Ra… I ….. can’t …. breathe, ..Ralp…. Wai… Your hat ……is pok…ng me right… in the… eye!!! …Ouch!!! You’re stan…ding on… my foot!!! Oh, you want another cupcake? Why didn’t you just say so!!!! puff, puff, puff Boy things are sure done differently in Spain!!! I bought Blood Orange, but V and I already ate that one. And something with chocolate, raspberries and cream cheese, ops, that one’s gone, too. Here’s one with peanut butter and chocolate. Will that do? You want to split it?? NO you want the WHOLE thing. Wow, you ARE hungry!!!

          I have a funny, but graphic story about a friend of mine who visited relatives in Switzerland. The people had a tiny bathroom and the toilet faced the door. Unfortunately, she dropped her watch in the toilet at one point. Before she had pulled up her pants, she turned around and bent down to retrieve it. Someone accidentally walked in on her, and immediately closed the door. She could hear him telling the rest of the family, “They sure do things differently in the States.”

          Are you ready for that chocolate cupcake now? 🙂


    1. We were all history consultants for different county offices in California. Each county office has (had) instructional consultants for each subject area: English, math, science, and history-social science. Then the county superintendents funded a meeting for a representative of the 11 regions to attend curriculum meetings once a quarter or so. Debbie, Laurie and I have been meeting for about 11 years. We all started at about the same time. Deb, from Orange County, Laurie from San Diego County, me from Tulare County. Then about 2 or 3 years ago Leslie was hired for San Bernardino County. I represent 5 other counties, and they represent several other counties as well. We were then responsible to go back to our regions and plan with them and report back what other counties were doing so that the whole state collaborates in each subject area via the consultants.


  2. I “heart” Manny, too, and am so glad to see the seatbelt.
    I answered both of your comments in “What’s In A Name” on my blog, but strangely, they didn’t post. I’ve never had that happen, so I’m trying to correct it.
    Thanks so much for stopping by. SECRET OF THE MANSION was the first Trixie Belden book. I collected all of them and for a long time didn’t realize that only the first 6 were written by the first author, and then others stepped in. Our small town library didn’t carry more than just the first 2 books, so each time a new one came out, I was in line at the bookstore in the city to buy it. Ah, those were the days. But still, I don’t think I would have liked having the name Trixie for myself.


  3. My husband and I really love San Diego, the last two visits we stayed on Coronado Island…we enjoy the small town atmosphere, everyone is very friendly and we’ve actually always had great weather. Manny looks like the perfect traveling companion.


  4. I abbolsutely adore Manny, and he goes to many places with you. I am sure he has a great time, he seems to enjoy himself. I am glad to see he is strapped in the car properly. He seemed to have been quite tired at one stage. Please send him my regards and tell him he is beautiful and me and my teddies love him!


    1. Hi Ute!!!
      Awww Manny is blushing! And he is crowding around the computer screen trying to get a glimpse of your teddies. He doesn’t understand computers. I told him I’d ask you to send him a picture of some of your girl teddy bears. I have to warn you, he’s not shy!!! He sends you a kiss, too!!! Marsha 🙂


        1. He said, he’s looking forward to it. He also asked if they are on You Tube? As you can see, Manny lives in a clothing optional world. He can’t be bothered with clothes. Nothing like the Build-A Bears that are so popular here. He doesn’t want a Build-A Bear! 🙂


          1. They are popular here too, My son got a really cool one with sunglasses, jeans and Peace t-shirt called Mr McFluff! What a cool name. And for some of my son’s big bears we bought newborn baby clothes to fit them…… yes my son loves teddies…. me too! Are we crazy , no just human. 🙂 Still love your Manny , he has a very sweet face and looks fluffy nd so soft and lovable!


          2. You recognize his amazing qualities. He was a wonderful Valentine’s present years ago. I love his face – it’s expressive. I think that’s a kick about your sons! My friend Paula’s son, Edward, loves his bears! I’m just so amazed. BTW, congratulations again on your wonderful dance lesson. How precious!!! 🙂


    1. Nobody can have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun, Russel Ray, but we sure did have fun that day!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ll have to do it again sometime. Let me know if you ever get up this way, as well!!! 🙂


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