Guess What This One Is

This is a puzzle.  I personally think this is harder than my last guessing picture.  You all did very well on that one, but now are you up to this challenge?

What is this?cropped again copy

Featured Blog

Featured Blog

I have accumulated so many blogs on my list, and some of them I never hear from, so last night I was rummaging through my list to find who I want to honor today.  Low and behold I found him.  GMan’s Galaxy.  I’m blown away by George’s amazing blog.  I think George loves everything.

Oh yes, and he’s on Good Reads, too.  We just bought Legos for Edward for Christmas, and here is an affectionado of his who builds Lego places, and then acts out a drama in them for You Tube.

Here is one of his sets.  If George doesn’t blow you out of the water, I don’t know what will!

I’m assuming he goes to school, makes great grades, reads, writes, builds, videos – and Blogs having over 60,000 hits!  I think this may be one of our next presidents some day. George, you have my vote.  🙂

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

50 thoughts on “Guess What This One Is”

    1. No, it was just normal pond scum. My thinking was that it must have frozen in the night and formed that design, then when it thawed the design stayed put. It’s only my guess. I just thought it was so unusual! Thanks for participating. 🙂


          1. Found out that for two months everything from Word Press has been going to my SPAM folder. Not bad for me that it took so long to notice it. I don’t know what I thought; everyone was like me and blowing off their blogs????? LOL But, I’m back!


          2. I just lost my comment, and I know better!!!! I’ve been getting lots of necessary things done during my Staycation, but I may disappear from the Blog map if I stay away too long!!! I’m glad YOU’RE back!!! 🙂


          3. Thanks, it is like coming home; catching up with old friends and all. I was just getting into the habit of at least posting once a week and now I’ll have to get back to that.
            I started working for a newspaper again, so I’m in the habit of writing every day. Now, the trick will be to not get so busy that I hate writing for myself!


          4. What kind of writing do you do for the newspaper? What is your favorite genre of writing for yourself? I have not gotten into fiction except for a couple of children’s books which I never tried to publish, and the silly conversations I have with bloggers. I’m more of a Dear Abby/ Erma Bombeck type. 🙂


          5. I pretty much have written everything and anything for first one newspaper (for nearly 7 years) and now as a recent hire for a competitive newspaper. I favorite type of writing for the paper is oddly enough, book reviews. I was never much of personal reader (mostly read for knowledge) until I started getting books from publishers asking for reviews. A monster was born and I have done hundreds of reviews. My favorite genes to read is teen fantasy fiction. I love sic fi but can’t stomach much adult stuff because of vulgarity. I was raised with that and don’t need it in my life now.
            I also love to write columns and human interest features. It is where I shine. I also love doing extended research or investigative reporting, but not on crime. Too much emphasis is devoted to crime. I am not a student of “If it bleeds, it leads.”
            Personal writing would have to be opinion columns type writing. I don’t have the imagination for fiction. 🙂
            If you ever decide to publish your books, I would love to do a review or forward for you! 🙂 I always enjoy reading your blogs.


          6. OH, Darla, you are a darling – so close to your name – no wonder!!! I would love that!!! We do tend to have such similar opinions, too, I think!!! 🙂 Marsha


          7. I believe so too Marsha! Two of my daughters have written and illustrated children’s books. None published as of yet, but we are hopeful. My youngest (who is an RN) is getting her masters in English to propel her love of writing. She has been writing since she could spell. She does have a knack for fiction, poetry, non-fiction – you name it. She makes me look like a first year student, her words can make me weep!
            Let me know when you get those books published!


    1. I couldn’t have either. Amazingly I walked by there today, and I looked exactly the same. The water hadn’t evaporated, and the lines were just the same! Weird!!! Maybe there’s something alien about it!!! hahaha 🙂


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