Awards Made Easy

If you’ve been blogging regularly and faithfully for more than two or three weeks, you’ve probably received your first award.  This post is primarily for NEW bloggers.  Experienced bloggers don’t always stick to the letter of the Award Laws, but they have developed their own ways to respond to awards.  This is my way.

In my opinion, awards are fun.  Someone took the time to develop them.  They are an invitation from someone who is reaching out and saying, “I like you.  What you are saying is resonating with me.”  They may also be a newbie and be saying to themselves, “I got this award, and I have to pass it on, or the whole blogosphere is going to blow up in my face.”

Cyberspace – if you don’t pass on your award.

Panic-stricken they continue their muse, “Who can I give it to? I’ve only read three people’s blogs.  How was I supposed to know I have to read OTHER people’s blogs?  I thought I would just write, and people would come read it.  And soon an online magazine would pick up my stuff and start publishing it.  Hmmm  OK, I know, I’ll give it to another new kid on the block.”

Like this!
One of my first posts. An obvious sign of a newbie blogger who desperately NEEDED an award!!!!

Whatever reason an award comes your way, there it is and now you have to make a decision.  Are you going to respond, blow it off and pretend you didn’t get it, or hang up a “Do Not Disturb – No Blogs Awards Allowed” sign on your blog?  I think most people respond, which perpetuates the award giving, but there is always the temptation to move on and ignore the award.  I’m going to err on the side of acceptance for lots of reasons.  First I’m going to tell you why I don’t want to hang up a “go away award givers” sign.

Very few newbies write well enough to tell people to go away and expect them to come back and visit their site.  The only one I know who gets by with that is Ralph, and Ralph is just special.  He doesn’t even have to write a post and people come and leave 80-100 comments in his box.  You need to visit Ralph just to know it’s true, but beware, you will be hooked.  Ralph just has enough “Je ne sais crois,” as one of his friend’s puts it, to pull it off.  The rest of us starter bloggers, well …  Only you can make that decision.  Most people who don’t respond eventually have few people visiting their site even caring what they write.  If that’s really what you want – and some people do – then, by all means, hang up the sign.  And people will leave you alone by the droves.

So let’s say you get an award or two, what do you do to keep up?  I don’t want to mislead you – it does take some effort on your part to participate.  Here are my steps.

  1. Thank your award giver right away – even if you are not going to respond and pick the blogs you want to pass the award yet.  If you don’t do this and forget who gave you awards, you can search your comments to find who has given you awards.
  2. First of all, you don’t HAVE to follow all the instructions exactly as written if YOU don’t want to do so.  There are no award police.  This is not a grant application that will be rejected if you don’t answer one of the questions.   It’s not a chain letter that will break and bring you bad luck to you and your descendants for hundreds of years.  So if the award doesn’t work exactly for you, be creative.  It’s the thought that counts.
  3. Open a word document to copy and paste the instructions for your blog award(s) as well as the URL of the person awarding you.  I usually open a new document when I have a couple of awards, rather than just one because I’m not really THAT organized.   Answer the questions, and create a blanket invitation that you will cut and past in your awardee’s comment boxes later.   I always try to let them know that they don’t have to feel obligated by my nomination.  
  4. Open your reader.  Copy and paste some or all of the blogs you follow into the document you created.
  5. Clean it up so that all you have are the links to the websites.  This is important.  You are going to use these links several times.
  6. We tend to pay attention to the first blogs we follow, and the most recent ones as well, so some blogs always get ignored.  Highlight a group of blogs you follow from your reader tab on your stats page, copy and paste them into a new place on the page.  Pick more than you need for the award.  I included a sample of my document in pink.

My cleaned up list

  1. A year of reading the world 
  2. ruleofstupid  
  3. benzeknees  
  4. 1earthnow 
  5. a recipe sharing and bento blog 
  6. The numpty novice with a compact camera and a laptop 
  7. The Adventures of Justin Beaver 
  8. rarasaur 
  9. Roxie’s Blog 
  10. An electric journal of a castaway 
  11. Views From My World 
  12. Anna Scott Graham, Indie Novelist 
  13. Erin Daniel Photography 
  14. Coming East 
  16. Guapola 
  17. The Bottom of a Bottle

My award choices and blanket invitation/congratulations statement to paste into their comment box

Wonderful Team Member Readership

  1. ruleofstupid
  2. An electric journal of a castaway
  4. Guapola
  5. The Bottom of a Bottle

As I meet new bloggers, I am always impressed by, not only creative blogs, but those blogs that can create a readership, and participate as engaged readers in others’ blogs.  That is the reason I have nominated you for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. Enjoy it as a compliment. 

  1. Let’s assume that you have more than enough sights that you follow to choose from.  If you don’t I’ll address that in a minute.  Start down your list (on the Word document) and click on the sites.  This is time-consuming because you want to “camp out” on each site for a bit to get to know them if you are not reading them regularly.  I prefer working from the offline page rather than trying to keep track of them in my reader.  I have to watch my internet usage, and it saves time.  Don’t give awards to sites you really don’t know AT ALL!   
  2. Write your post.  You can cut and paste from your Word document including all the names.  Paste the links into the tags of your post as well, so that your awardees get better coverage on Google.  Remember award giving will help them build readership.
  3. Insert a picture of the award by copying the URL from your friend who gave you the award.  Save and close it.  Insert it into the post near the top and use the URL for that also.  Publish your post, and copy the short link.  Open your sidebar image and fill in the blanks with the title of the award, URL for the picture, and paste the short link for YOUR POST in the space that says link to an URL, near the bottom of the insertion.  I also write the name of the award giver in the caption line.  (see sample )
  4. Widget for awardUsing your Word document, click on each website again, go to a comment section and paste in your blanket response.  I always personalize it to respond to what I’ve read on their site as well.  That should take care of it.


  1. As you regularly visit sites, check out the awards, write congratulation notes.  Awards are a tool for making connections with others.  
  2. Respond to people as they thank you for choosing them for the award.  Be positive and always congratulate them because you had a reason for picking them.  If you can elaborate on their return comment, it never hurts to tell them a few more details about why you chose them.

What to do if you don’t have enough followers?

  1. If you haven’t been blogging for very long and don’t have enough, then you can just put the award away for a while, or you can visit your favorite pages, and look at the comment sections and see who else you might like to have as a friend.
  2. Click on the links to the comments you like and check them out, looking at the about pages and a few posts.  Don’t give awards to people you find out that you don’t really like.  This makes them meaningless!!!!

What happens after you’re nominated for an award?

 Nothing happens.  No WordPress person is going to come and say, “You were nominated, and out of the 600,000,000 bloggers worldwide, your new blog is the best we’ve ever seen.”  I say that because at first, I was so shocked to receive an award.   I was so naive vain, that I wondered when someone was going to tell me that I’d actually WON!  The experience is the nomination.  The fact that another blogger likes you is the prize.

My Rant

I wish we did something like this with students so that they were not looking for the teacher to give all the praise.  Students need to learn to do a good job just to do a good job and to appreciate EACH OTHER because they evaluate each other’s work and deem it valuable in some way.  Everybody can be the BEST something.

I have many blogging awards in my sidebar, and I’m proud of all of them.  My non-blogger friends think I’m really a master blogger when they see all those award seals!!! hahaha  And to some of you lovely bloggers I AM!!!

Award giving builds community and caring between bloggers.  No one can monitor all of this.  We wouldn’t want them to!!  We monitor each other.  We visit bloggers because we want to read what they have to say.  I started blogging in April 2012.  A few of my blogger friends and I have started emailing so we don’t clog up the blog.  I have given and received items from my friends in the snail mailbox.  We have exchanged pictures.   We have become Facebook friends or fans.  We are really becoming more than just Cyber friends.

As a word of caution to all of this personal sharing, we all want to be safe.  My husband wanted me to take off my location on my Facebook page, which I did.  It is also not a great idea to include your birthday on FB.

Do you think I love blogging?  Come join the fun.  I hope this has made your award receiving and giving a little easier.  🙂

Featured Blog

Featured Blog

Featured Blogs are my alternative to awards.  You can see my criteria on my Featured Blogs page.  Patricia Drury is my pick for today.  She is retired and relatively new to blogging, a newbie photographer with a Canon Camera with talent just bursting to be shared.  She open and full of life.  I think I’d like to BE in some of her photographs they are in such beautiful places!!  See what I mean?

Anybody want to join me???

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant. Read more about me here.

67 thoughts on “Awards Made Easy”

  1. This is a SENSATIONAL post!! You should get a massive award for doing it. You should be Freshly Pressed. You will be bookmarked a ba-zillion times. You have helped everyone with the process and the Award Angst that somehow comes with each nomination. Thank you so much for doing this! 🙂


    1. OK, Ralph, Your are writing poetry here when you needed to just use plain Jane English.

      Your link doesn’t work, Marsha!!! ops.

      Fortunately for you, I’m not THAT slow, and I got it! So it’s fixed now. As usual, I have no idea what happened, but I think that computering is more mystical than Star! It’s like Cyberspace is run by gremlins. So give me a bit of slack here, Ralph! It wasn’t my fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RANT RANT RANT RANT RANT and what kind of a comment is “Get it right woman”? hehe doesn’t cut it!!!!!!!!!! RANT RANT RANT!!!!!!!


      1. Now we have this sorted out. I shall start again.
        Hi Marsha. What sound advice you have given to new bloggers such as myself whose blog is an award free zone !!!!!!! Maybe I should have kept quiet and not commented. Your day would be on cloud nine with no ranting or gremlins. Imagine that, as I have just started again.
        Hi Marsha. Bye Marsha 😀 Ralph x (better now ??)


        1. Better, Ralph. If we couldn’t tell the truth to each other, what kind of a cyber friendship would that be? BTW I respect your desire to be award free. I just don’t think very many people could pull it off as successfully as you do! 🙂


          1. Good Marsha !! I learned pretty quickly at a very young age that lying never works. So here I am Sir True of Spain. I only got roped into a Ligo Appreciation at 3 am by a certain Marsha but it wasn’t for me but for Ute and Lori whom I felt were really worthy. So no awards for me. I just read Leonaa’s comment and it seems she is moving onto the same wavelength as myself. 🙂


          2. Yes, but guess what? Next time I get one…. And Ralph, you’ve gotten nominated for TONS of awards. That means that you got them, but the people you love didn’t receive one from YOU! How sad is that??? To my credit I will say that at least by giving you that award I urged you to give Ute and Marianne an award. :). YEAH!!!!!! All the awards you received are sitting in your comment boxes for your faithful readers to see! I still love you either with or without awards in your sidebars!’n


          3. Ralph, you are so creative I can’t possibly help You!!! Read your blog post about why follow me. That’s what I used to write a post, an article for a magazine, and a speech at Kiwanis Club. 🙂


          4. OK Ralph, I think I owe you an apology. Not for the rant, well maybe, but are you thinking about creating a Ralph Award?

            See now I feel guilty. (Although a Ralph award might be really fun!) Just because I think awards are great doesn’t meant I need everyone (or you) to agree with me. So wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow (right about now???) and start over with this award/macho dominance thingy. 🙂


          5. I will work on an award next year once the New Year fuss has died down. Did I get out of the right side of my bed this morning …….. only time will tell 😉


          6. hahah, the wrestler complete with sweat, now Ralph, how could I photoshop in sweat???? I’m not that talented. I have to concentrate on keeping up my physique!!! 🙂


      2. Too many grins at your exchanges here.

        Marsha, fabulous post!! Learned so much, and this right here is so quote-worthy indeed, “I wish we did something like this with students so that they were not looking at the teacher to give all the praise. Students need learn to do a good job just to do a good job, and to appreciate EACH OTHER because they evaluate each other’s work and deem it valuable in some way. Everybody can be the BEST something.” AYE ARG!! I LOVE it.

        Hum…my blog is also award-less, but not for lack of attempts….must do a feature page. There are so MANY grand and glorious bloggers I so adore. Groove!

        Loved this post! Cheers,

        Autumn Jade


          1. Aye you have. I’ve just never the time/etc. I kind of like the bare look but I’ve been working on my feature page and am very happy about that indeed 🙂 You love love love my blog?? You must be mad!! My blog is like the only avaialble swing on a swing-set brimming with happy children- it is the oldest, gummiest and squeaked horridly- I always like those squeaky ones da best haw haw. 😉


          2. It is like an ibis with a missing foot, having esaped the jaws of an alligator, but not without consequence. It is like a hobbling duck, a creaking moldered door, a decapitated acorn, a dying snail, a slightly gnawed surfboad, a crinkled tie, a..oh I could go on and on haw haw. Thank you lass, you too, are awesome, and your site is a pure delight, an addiction, a daily inspiration…it is….groovy. Cheers!!

            Autumn Jade


          3. You are wrong again. You sure don’t see yourself and your abilities the way I do!!! And since I’m so awesome right this minute, I’m right!!!! You have an awesome site. You don’t have to clutter it up, just create an awards page. Stick them all there. 🙂


          4. There is no surreptitiously slipping behind any blinking neon excuses with you, are there, my fine flitting friend, who happens to be awesome? (Awesome- I keep hearing that in a “stoked” surfer voice.) Right, well, this award page is an idea I’ve been considering for quite some time. Must do it. I thank you for urging me with that a bit. Now as for the state of my blog, I cannot let this go- it really is rather awry and askew and as disheveled and unkempt as its somewhat impish and slightly lugubrious and very shamrock-infused keeper- That is the solid, stolid, invincible truth. It is the bumbling, oafish, surly, sodden, wily, joggling, scrabbling, croaking, crawling, cheeping, crippling, endearingly indefatigable imperfection that makes it so perfect (well…)- it is the detail gone awry in the room, the snag in the material where the cat had dangled from the back one’s vest by the claws, the tilt in the checkered hat, the crookedness of the plaino glasses…oh I’ll stop now- so, I dare say…does this mean a certain smiling toad wins??? 😉 har har har.


          5. Dear Smiling – You’re always a winner with me!!! I have to say that when you are out having fun, and not blogging, I do miss your hilarity, oafish, croaking, endearing, indefatigable, imperfect sodden and bumbling humor that makes me laugh out loud. Every day I amble over to your blog, and every day it says Dec. 18th. So I limp back home to my blog, uninspired, and underamused. But here you are back again, so I’m smiling. 🙂 ML


          6. TeachHistory,

            Oh DEAR that was the most depressing thing I’ve ever read…December 18th, every time you coyly flit by to rest upon a bow of new words…and no such new place to roost is found… Oh you poor lass. I shall get the momentum going again. I’m still having issues with the laptop, but I’m not about to give up the battle and let techies tinker with it (though I am thinking some more ram may assist). But I won’t let that thwart me! I shall prevail! Tenacious, I am (really, I am, how do you think I became such a terrifying pugilist and rugger player?? Hmm? Well…not as terrifying as what odious and doomed Humbert does to poor Lolita’s eye in the book… Descriptions of her “ballooning skirt” and “giggling legs” are nowhere near as vile and disturbing…oh dear rambling again)


            Now lass, I am SO delighted to have your blog here to cavort and loiter in (without being accosted too often by the Force) and gambol and squawk and trip and dash about in, phalange-wagging away incessantly, so I thank you. I don’t know if what I leave you is really humour, but it is most assuredly askew and unkempt and most bumbling as are most of the things I do, of which, I am grateful, too. And there is no greater joy than to share a chortle with you, dear chum.

            I really am in an odd mode this night…it was all the voices (about thirty of them) I unleashed earlier, I think. See, Sir was feeling slightly down and dolorous, so I decided to swath the air in a sea of various voices jabbering with one another. Yes, yes, I am part ambulating radio-show, it’s true. There are some things, (like, nothing??), that I never grew out of. Never fails to cheer him up I must say. 😀 He was whirling in a bowl of guffaws in seconds, and I went on and on, well beyond an hour, and somehow a musical was slipped into the performance as well, and a children’s choir showed up too. Yes, I can sing in multiple wee children’s voices at once, it is impressive, haw haw…huh…What? Oh…aye, aye, yes, I do question my sanity from time to time…


          7. Well, maybe you don’t need your own blog, which I admit can take hours creating posts, and updating pages, and making pictures look just so. Feel free to post on mine instead. I am happy to scoot over, and give you a guest blogger spot – or shared blogger column for your beautiful poetry, hilarious antics, and whatever crosses your logophile mind. 🙂


          8. Guest blogging sounds like a fun plot sometime. I tend to like my briny spot quite a lot still, enough to keep at it, but aye arg you are so sweet to offer me a blogging home. P.S. I was inspired by recent pet-posts, and had to do one featuring two felines, one of which, would be our Katey Blue- she is turning 15 this January.

            Wintry good cheers,

            old toadie


      3. I hope you don’t mind me interrupting you ladies. I was going to say “Shut up AJ, you have a great blog” I am in male dominance mode today. Putting that aside and being polite I can only say “Shut up AJ, you have a great blog” I just can’t get rid of this male dominance thingy 😉


  2. I’m confused. Very bad at such complicated stuff. Who decides who’s the winner even? A poll?

    I doubt I’d ever get to those things which I can’t understand (well, I do understand them just a bit more, thanks to you) but I’m sure it will help a lot of people out.

    The only part I could like about awards is the poke that says *I like this little blog* but I’m undecided about them. Surely, I’m in no position to critique or ponder but they will forever remain confusing. Ieonaas are a rare breed of dummy cats. Not even Marsha-Teacher can help them. Don’t worry, my brain will fry soon.

    The thing I like about them, like I said is the warm feeling that someone likes what you write (the warm feeling of a recived comment is what I can equal them to), the publicity that can lead to more friends and fun. I do not like the fact that the awards are presented as a stiff copy paste and that some don’t really have at least decent images (yeah, that sounds harsh) but it’s unfortunately true for some. I do not expect excellence but some are really bad.
    Also, some don’t have a clear purpose besides a fancy name. I would love to congratulate the people who get them but what for exactly? Style, fun factor, photos, interactivity etc.

    I’m not ranting them up but they always made me wonder. I find them nice and motivating but they do have their unclear points in my eyes.


      1. Uh…Uhm…You got me fiddling alright!
        What am I supposed to answer you? : )) Ah, you really got me puzzled!

        I don’t think I met the requirements but thanks for the thought, *hugs*


  3. So Marsha, this post comes a bit late, I was wondering what to do when I got my first one and had to google everything and read lots of other blogs winning awards. But hey never mind, we are good at it now. I am doing it as you describe. I agree with you , awards are hard work, but I love them and I feel recognised and extremely happy to be nominated. I always thought I will never get one, and 5 month later suddenly they all came together. There are so many lovley blogs out there and so many talented people, so many deserve one.


    1. Thanks. I know not everybody agrees with awards, but they do have their place in socializing us!!! And they are grass roots, springing from among us rather than a force imposed on us. Thanks for your comment Chris. Have a great 2013!!! 🙂


  4. That is twice I have tried to put that image URL in these comments. It doesn’t work, lt comes up as a blank. I’ll try it on my blog…..I Will…..
    I have just tried it and it works on my blog


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