Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

This sweet  award comes to me from the sweetest 16-year-old I know – from Renee.  Thanks Renee!  You are the best!!!!

Here are the rules for the award:

1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.

2. Answer 10 questions.

3. Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.

4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know that they have been nominated.

5. Include the award logo within your blog post.

Here are the 10 questions.

1. What is your favorite color? red cars, blue dresses,

2. Your favorite animal? Kalev

3. Your favorite non-alcoholic drinks? cherry diet coke, apple cinnamon tea, mint tea

4. Facebook or Twitter? FB

5. Your favorite pattern? plaids

  1. Do you prefer getting or giving presents?  Giving,
  2. Your favorite number? 7

8. Your favorite day of the week? Saturday

9. Your favorite flower? rose

10. What is your passion? family, friends, writing, photography, history, reading, sewing, movies

These are the my nominations from the blogs I’ve followed within the last 3 weeks.  If any one of you is a brother, I apologize, but I checked and double checked, and to the best of my abilities all of you appear to be sisters.

  1. A year of reading the world
  2. benzeknees
  3. 1earthnow
  4. a recipe sharing and bento blog
  5. The numpty novice with a compact camera and a laptop
  6. The Adventures of Justin Beaver
  7. rarasaur
  8. Roxie’s Blog
  9. Views From My World
  10. Anna Scott Graham, Indie Novelist
  11. Erin Daniel Photography
  12. Coming East

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant. Read more about me here.

52 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award”

          1. yeah the night before is usually hectic. I have a very quiet few days now though. My kids have gone to their mum’s and they don’t come back home until next year.


          2. Oh, I’m sorry. That’s a very long time!!! I don’t have kids, so I borrow mine. I like to borrow the mom, too. That way I have kids AND grandkids, and I don’t have to worry about making them mind. 🙂 Marsha, the Pretend Grandma!! 🙂


    1. Hi Erin!! I click on the picture and copy the url, then I past the url right into the insert media screen. I don’t bother to download it anymore. Nice pictures of your son, the football star, BTW!!! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


        1. I’m glad. I really don’t understand how people can abandon animals like that. You have brought her back to life, and I think how much joy she brings you, and through you – to us. Soapbox time!!!! GRRRRRR! Marsha Lee, Cat Advocate 🙂


          1. Star loves you more now as she likes soap boxes to scratch on and she likes the way you talk about abandoned animals……she has heard of an abandoned rhino that you may like to adopt who will curl up on your lap while you are blogging 😉


          2. hahaha, no thanks. My lap’s not THAT big, thank you very much, Ralph! I’d rather have Star. Someone wanted to give me another abandoned dog yesterday, but my better half said no. Otherwise Kalev was going to have a brother. 😦


          3. You got out of that one smoothly, Ralph! It seems like we were talking about my lap being big enough to hold a Rhino!!!! hahaha!!!! You and Star deserve each other. You are both sweeties – except for your Rhino comment!!! hahaha Now had Star been a Rhino out in the street, I’m not so SURE that she would be in a nice warm home sitting on Daddy Ralph’s lap!!!! hahaha


    1. You are welcome Merley. You have some amazing articles on your site. I had to go back and read some more. I can see that I am going to be spending a ton of time on your site going through and getting caught up. Enjoy the award, Sister. Marsha Lee 🙂


    1. What did I do??? It’s always nice to know that I was sweet. Often I am a pill. You are the SWEET one – all year long, you’ll be sweet sixteen, then poof, it’s over, and you’re not sweet any more!! hahaha I’m sure that’s not true in your case!! Lots of love Marsha 🙂 🙂


          1. Well, that theory won’t work. He is wearing lederhosen and a felt hat, not a dirndl!! No he is definitely a boy, but he doesn’t mind being a Sister! And look at his teeth, no girl would have teeth like that.


    1. haha. A Jewish friend of mine named her Kalev – my spelling, and told me that it means “dog” in Hebrew. I just googled it too because the chocolate thing was new information. VERY interesting:
      Kalev, common Estonian masculine given name,
      a character from Estonian mythology,
      an Estonian sweets company,
      a basketball club in Tallinn, Estonia
      a football club in Tallinn, Estonia
      class of Estonian British-built submarines
      Estonian Sports Association Kalev
      (Hasidic dynasty),
      an individual mentioned in the Hebrew Bible
      a British rock band
      a bodybuilder/model

      None of these uses of Kalev would suggest a female name which must be why Ralph called my little princess a BOY!!! And to think I gave Ralph SUCH a hard time about it! So much for ME being full of SWEET stuff!!! !!! hahahaha 🙂


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