December 26, 2012

What a whirlwind party we had over the holiday/birthday.  In two days WE, Renee and I, had — 517 visitors!!!  That’s almost a quarter of a month’s worth for me!  WOW!  Renee, I never knew you had SO many friends!!!!!  Many of my blogging friends stopped by as well, and I thank you ALL for making our party so enjoyable.  I think Renee was up for two nights straight answering comments!  She said she didn’t sleep, and I believe her.

When I came up with the idea to host an online party for Renee, I had no concept how an online party would work.  In the real world, a party might have a theme, or focus on the things the planner knows that their loved one would like.  I had some research to do in that respect, so I spent about 5 – 6 hours building the post going back and forth from Renee’s site, listening to different music, looking for pictures, etc.  Fortunately for me, a stranger, Renee is very expressive.  She writes extensively, and she shares lists of things she likes, and she is a girl of MANY interests!

Visualizing a real party helped me figure out what I could include.  When people arrive, they greet the hostess, then other guests shake hands, hug, or kiss.  Then they are off to enjoy the ambiance created: eat, hear music and interactions – bits of verbiage all over, coming randomly, so much so that it’s hard to concentrate and listen to the conversation at hand.  Music blares, smells intermingle, lights or no lights accost the eyes – candles maybe, depending on the party.  Additionally, there are games, cards and gifts at a birthday party.

I tried to merge as many senses as I could to make the party interactive.  I wished that I could do more to decorate the post itself with glitter or hanging lights, animation, something to catch the eye, but either I don’t have the technological experience, or it couldn’t be done.  I linked to an online card, and thought maybe others might do the same, but that was a lot to expect.  I thought about games, but I think my games were much to academic, and difficult.  To answer any of the questions one would have to go back and forth from her website to mine – which was possible with all the links provided, but online party goers don’t want to take the time to do that!  I think next time, I would have a simple game like make as many words as you can out of Renee’s country or something like that.  Maybe visitors would take time to write an interactive story where everybody writes a line.  Games were a bust on the site.

I have no idea how the music went, or whether people even clicked on things or not.  The important thing was that MANY people stopped by and wished Renee a happy birthday, and I think she really enjoyed it.  That was the ultimate purpose of the party.  I’m pretty sure it achieved my purpose for having it, and without all of you, it wouldn’t have happened!!!

Company for Christmas

Meanwhile I also had the wonderful experience of posting and monitoring another blog, C4C (the red circle in my sidebar).  This was the brainchild of Rule of Stupid.  I got to know several people in the blogging community that I would never have met if it not for this new site.  There were about 32 or so volunteers that had access to the dashboard and could write a post including me, a last-minute newbie.  If nothing else, we responded to each other a bit!

C 4 C

It was interesting to have control of another dashboard of a post that didn’t belong to me!  I found myself watching the stats almost as much as I watch my own!  The notifications came on my own site notifications, and so I was never quite sure if I was responding to my site, Renee’s site, or Christmas for Company’s site, but respond is what I did.  Lots of fun!


Again, I want to thank all of you for participating in my experiments.  Without you this Vanity Blog of Marsha Lee is nothing but a mirror on the wall, and that would be a cracked mirror at that!  🙂

Featured Blog

Last night I was going through my featured blogs to make a page of them.  The page isn’t finished yet, but so far I have featured 17 blogs.  My latest I think I met on Ralph’s site.  Rarasaur is the one who mentioned Rule of Stupid’s great idea the Company for Christmas website.  Rarasaur  Great organization, community minded, fun, does things for others.  I also had a chance to chat with her husband on the C4C site last night, and he seems just as fun-loving and interesting as she is.

She doodles, and you would know that I like this doodle!  WAIT……

Whoa!   She’s talking about ME!!!!  WOW!!!  I think she did one for every one who participated in the C4C.  OMG what fun is that!  She even mentioned the party!!!   I’m featured on her site!!!  YEAH!!!  Who knew???  So now, you have to go to her site!!! PLEASE, Pretty Please!!!

Isn’t blogging fun?

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

24 thoughts on “December 26, 2012”

    1. It was a fun day on top of the non-virtual things I did. How was your Christmas? Are you struggling with what to write next after all the hustle and bustle of Christmas?? I did!! 🙂


    1. Thank you SO much Dianne!! And I don’t even have to tel you 75 things about myself!!! WOW!!! (Do I even have 75 secrets to tell!!) hahaha BTW, I retired!!! ops, you thought I was younger than that didn’t you????!!!! DANG – blew it!!! 🙂 Marsha


        1. Seriously!!! What are you retired from? I thought you were an author. AND, looking at YOUR picture I wouldn’t have guessed that you were ANYWHERE close to my age!!! You look about 45, and I’m 61.


          1. I was a full time public servant (yuck) and ‘retired from that job to write full time (so I guess I’ll never retire from writing) 😀

            I’m 55 – we can retire in Australia at that age (YAY!) 😀

            And PS – you look nowhere near 61!


          2. I’ve been out of range for a few days (in the Aussie Outback as they call it). What a trip! It was a great experience but one I’ll never do again 😉 I’ve never seen so many animals on the road, trucks, desert and flies (phew! I’ll have to write a blog about it one day soon when I catch my breath!)

            Anytime you want to come to Australia just let me know 😉


          3. OK, but I’m thinking, “Let’s don’t go the the Outback!!!” Lots of love and best wishes for 2013. I can’t wait!!!! 🙂 Marsha 🙂 And, by the way, California is a very nice place to visit as well. Love to have you!!! 🙂


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