Romance in Tulare County

horses kissing

If you’ve been reading my blog recently, you’ll notice that several blogger friends are wanting to get together.  Several have suggested that they want to come to Tulare County.  I will just say that it’s a great place!  Romance is in the air.  You’ll be given lots of space

space in TC

So come to TC for your special romantic vacation.  You can’t go wrong!  Boyfriends or girlfriends are not provided!!!

*******************************************************************************************************************Now for some serious business:

I received a present of a book from author Lisa Winkler, Black Cowboy’s Ride Across America.  I started it last night, and it is wonderful.  I’ll be writing a review soon.  Her blog,  Cycling Grandma, was my Featured Blog recently.  Thanks so much, Lisa.


For some reason my blog was selected to put on a special hotel website.  Here is the email.  They use the words WordPress in the email, so I’m just assuming that it’s legitimate.  Since this has never happened to me before, I’m going to rely on all of you to let me know it is.  Their link is provided in the email.  🙂

This is Shiela from
We stumbled on your blog while searching for Hotel. We operate the largest WordPress Hotel blog website featuring more than 30,000+ blogs. Our site averages 200,000+ uniques visitors per month. As a kind note We have featured your blog at We would be grateful if you could add the following details to your blogroll or in a post
<a href=’‘>Hotels in Shirdi</a>
Looking forward for your confirmation.


Don’t forget Renee’s Online Birthday Party Coming up Dec. 24th at 12:00 a.m. PST and going through Dec. 26 at 12:00 a.m.

Renee copy

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

70 thoughts on “Romance in Tulare County”

    1. Thanks, Kathy, I’ll be by to catch up reading on your blog this evening after 12:00. I’m running short of gigabytes. So I’ll wish you Merry Christmas now and a Happy New Year then. 🙂 Lots of love, Marsha 🙂


    1. Boy, Renee, I should not be commenting this late. I just replied to your comment thinking it was Ute’s! I can’t wait until I have enough gigabytes on my internet plan again to blog during the day! Hahaha It goes back to full blogging power on YOUR birthday – your time, Christmas Eve, our time. So can’t wait! Yeah! I’m going to be reminding folks from here on out every day, so they don’t forget!! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  1. Tulare County has some fantastic romantic spots. Our local lodging should welcome your blog post. Maybe the Running P Ranch could be a destination wedding site. Merry Christmas


        1. hahaha, Ralph, the horses are already here, inspiring romance. What could be more romantic than a beautiful horseback ride with your love??? Horses will take you to your romantic picnic lunch, with a wonderful assortment of the best fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses, packed romantically in the hamper with some delicious white wine. All laid out on a beautiful white or red checked table cloth, with matching dishes, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers to make the setting complete.

          Better, Ralph?? ML 🙂


          1. Glad I pleased you THIS time, FINALLY!!! Are you going to be THAT picky??????? Yikes, I’m not cut out for all this catering. I’m more of a mi casa es su casa type of person, so help yourself. Bad news, Ralph, Sorry!!! I still love you, though!! 🙂


      1. Yes Marsha I am picky. Pickynics are a lot of fun, the preparation, the anticipation, the travel to the spot, the laying out, the eating, the wasps, the ants, the horses bolting, an irate farmer telling you not to picnic here, a flat tire in the cop car on the way home. In other words a normal happy picnic.


        1. I am used to picky. As long as you’re right there helping us prepare. It won’t be hard, slicing cheese, will be the hardest task besides fitting all the food into the hamper. Once we get there we will avoid the wasps, and we wont picnic in a walnut grove. We’ll stay away from irate farmers. The farmers I know would be happy to have us, but there’s plenty of space!!!! Cop car? Yikes. I know the Chief of Police, he will be lenient! We will tie the horses to an oak tree. They’ll stay put. I think you’ll be pleased. You’d better come in May, rather than October. We don’t want to take any chances seeing a rattle snake! 🙂


          1. Oh, you mean the rattle snakes, Ralph? Oh yes, they are more of a problem in the grassy fields than on a grassy lawn. Our porch is actually quite romantic. I guarantee it. We call our home Bellavista, not Rattle Snake Ranch. I still suggest May. – I’ll put my brochure together!! 🙂 LOL Marsha 🙂


          2. I forget now who or what it was that melted me, but no matter, I came back, and this time I was reincarnated as a grown woman. No more silliness. No siree. I am back as MARSHA. No more Lee, no funny business. No melting snowmen. No flying. If I go to Spain it’s to walk the walk, or run with the bulls. If I go to Hawaii, it’s to surf the surf and snorkle the sharks. That’s it! Just sensible, serious, down to earth WORK. Blog, blog, blog….. No more broken heart, broken sobbing, sobbing brokenly over one who would melt the cold heart of a snowgirl then run away to places warm, leaving the snow person behind in a puddle of dripping clothes carrot, button and shoe laces. No! Not going to happen EVER again! hiccup, sniff, hic….


          3. *Straight face, serious look* Okay, only serious blogging and hard work……huh?? I’ll have to recheck and see if this is Marsha Lee’s blog and not St Mary’s Convent 😉


          4. “Grrrrrrr Whad’ya want?????” ops, wrong voice. “Yes, sir. How may I serve you this morning? Would you like a spot of tea while you wait? Very well, sir. I’ll have it right away. Please sit down and make yourself comfortable. Would you like a Bible to read while you wait?”


          5. Oh, I get it!!! Sister. I had to get into the habit of thinking of myself in that way. I got stuck in the sweet marshamallowy stuff. Was it my white ruffly apron that gave me away, or my black dress? 🙂


        1. My Chauffeur. Now you do make me laugh. Do you know that when I was working I put about 37,000 miles on my car every year. That’s a lot of KM, my friend. Most of those miles were without my chauffer! It’s not all of us that have a chauffer and a translator because we live in exotic Spain! That brochure is coming on the plane, and you can pick it up on the wing!!! hahaha Lots of love, Marsha Lee 🙂


  2. Boyfriends not provided? You should have a pool of eligible bachelors (like George Clooney …sorry about that ) and for the men a range full of beautiful women……all different ages…. then you could start a business…..haha in the romantic country! 🙂


    1. Ute, Ute, I can’t provide a guarantee. Yes, there are some eligible bachelors here, but remember I know more women than men. You are better served to bring your own. Yes, I could start a wonderful business. The problem is that I’m selling dream men! I could do a bit of research and advertising before I do my final invitation brochure and go public with this idea!!! hahaha 🙂 ML 🙂


        1. I have been to Hollywood. Did it know I was there? I don’t think so!! I’ll have to see if my friend Elane knows George. She has met Will Smith, and many others, but I have not. I have another friend who attends the awards ceremonies every year as a seat holder. He was with the Dr. on House last year, 🙂 Enjoy the names as they drop, Ute. 🙂


    2. Fantastic, Will Smith is lovely too! This is so exciting. I’d love to walk down through Hollywood, see the homes and meet some famous people, and then go home and enjoy the real love from my friends.
      I have another friend in California a young girl whom I know thrugh my music. Well my son is in America currently but Chicago, lets see what he says when he comes back…….


      1. I grew up near Chicago. It is VERY cold in the winter. People seem to love it, though because it’s vibrant and full of life. I prefer a milder climate. What is your son doing in Chicago? Brrrrr 🙂 Marsha 🙂


        1. He is visiting his dad, who remarried there. Apparently it is -5 degress celsius there, so he has jumpers with him and his big coat. I do hope he has a good time! The flat seems emptier without him, even though he is a quiet boy – well young man. 🙂


          1. I’m sure it is quiet. He is company, someone to say, “I’m home! Where are you?” What are YOU doing for Christmas? We are having Paula and the kids over – my dear former secretary whom I love. She had a funny post of Facebook once, and asked everybody to tell a story about how they met her – true or false. I wrote a huge story about V & I being spies in Russia, and I was pregnant on the train, and delivered this baby, but since I was a spy, I couldn’t keep her, so we gave her to a nice lady (her real mom) to raise for us. Her mom is in TExas, but we are now FB friends. So fun!!! Do have a great time these next days. There’s a blogging site to post notes to people who are alone so they won’t be lonely. I’m going to monitor that during the day tomorrow. Lots of love, Ute, Marsha Lee 🙂


          2. That’s what Ralph told me to do. Quit blogging, start writing. I’m just not sure how to get started. I’m going to start after New Year’s. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂 Marsha 🙂


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