Christmas Crafting

Before I begin I must express my extreme sorrow over what has happened in the school in Connecticut and publicly share my sympathies to all the families.  Words cannot express how much distress is in my heart about this horrific event.

Those of you who are creative, crafty types, as opposed to villainous, crafty types might enjoy seeing one of my Christmas bloopers.  And since Ana just gave me an Inspiring Blogger Award, (thanks Ana) just seeing the word “inspiring” might inspire someone to do a video tutorial on how to fix what you are about to see.  I did fix it, but I’ve decided that maybe hats aren’t my thing.  The number of times you will see me in a hat…oh yeah, I forget that most of you never see me in real life.  So you’ll never know if I’m truthful or falseful.  But, not only do I not wear them often, I’m not too great at making them.  This was one I made last Christmas season to try it out before I made my friend a hat for real.  Her hat is still sitting in a ball on the top shelf of my new bookcase. At least it’s out as a constant reminder to me.  If I’ve already told you this woeful knitting story, just press “LIKE”and move on.  🙂

Notice anything out of the ordinary here?
Notice anything out of the ordinary here?

First of all, I should have known this hat would be trouble.  I even had trouble getting the yarn out of its skein form and into a ball.  There was a HUGE knot in the middle of it!  AND I can’t tell you how often the crazy ball, with a mind of its own, rolled off my lap onto the carpet in the airport.  So after I struggled through making the ball, then knitting the hat using circular needles for the first time, I ended up with a twisted hot mess – oh yeah, I was the hot mess!  Anyway, the whole thing gave me fits.  It was a week-end quick, one-skeined wonder.  Hahahaha  Who writes those “this is going to be easy” books anyway?

Knitted pink hat2

This is how I solved my problem.  It worked and I redid it, and hated it.  So I took it to work.  I don’t have it anymore, so it’s in someone else’s closet.  Whew!!!

Did I ever tell you my sweater story?  Do you want to hear it?  So if no one pops over to visit me in Bloggerland, I can always knit.  Anyone want me to make them a hat?

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

24 thoughts on “Christmas Crafting”

    1. I won’t say it’s easy, but when I lived in Colorado Springs I had a friend who taught me. She had been knitting since she was a child. I’ll share some of the things I’ve made one of these days. I’m pretty pleased with them, but I don’t do much of it. 🙂


  1. Too late to start any Christmas Crafting this year. Maybe come January, I could begin something and it would be ready for next Christmas.


    I don’t ever knit
    Wanted you to know
    Could I ever learn
    I don’t think so

    Getting out the patterns
    The needles and the pins
    Nothing ever fits
    Nobody ever wins

    But I really would like
    A warm little hat
    If you start right now
    You could knit me that


  2. On a positive note – I like the colour! Those weekend wonders are never what they say. It’s like the quilt books titled “24 Quilts You Can Make In a Day”, which is an outright lie because we all know they would only be made in a day if you locked yourself away, didn’t go to the toilet, eat, sleep or be interrupted by everyone else in the household. Ha! I would love to hear the sweater story.


  3. I used to knit and I remember the first thing I ever knitted was a sweater for my boyfriend. One arm was about six inches longer than the other! 😀 But I got better at it over the years and only stopped recently (you don’t need a sweater or scarf in the tropics) 😉


  4. I gave up knitting eons ago. By the time I finished the garment, I was thoroughly sick of it and would never have worn kit. The knitting wasn’t too bad. It was the sewing up that I really dreaded.


        1. Disgusting! All that work!!! I made a scarf for someone once, and when he put it on, it was just barely long enough to fit around his neck! So funny! But I was tired of it, and the book did say one skein! 🙂


          1. But you already knit!!! hahaha!!! Have I got a scarf for you! You need it this time of year, too! Maybe a knitted bathing suit instead???, or rain bonnet? hahaha 🙂 ML


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