The Answer Is…

We didn’t have to wait until Friday.  Tonia Hurst, a California gal, picked up on this little tendril right away.  Congratulations Tonia!!!  Gold Star Tonia Hurst!!

a dried up grape tendril
a dried up grape tendril

Now, since you have been such good guessers, I have a couple of blogging questions to ask you.  I am writing an article about blogging for What’s Happening in the Foothills, a Kiwanis magazine.

  • What I wonder is what blogging had done, and is doing in your life?
  • What makes it worth doing?
  • Do you know how to find bloggers who live in your area?

Thanks for all your help.  I love and appreciate you all.  Your comments and posts make me laugh each day.  They make me think, reach out and learn about other parts of the world.  How could I have ever lived without you all!  I’ll pass on to you what V always says to his son and me on the phone, “mmm (That’s a hug noise.) Here’s a hug.”  Marsha Lee 🙂

Featured Reader

My friend Paula Terrill has written a book that we featured here on tchistorygal.  Now we are pleased to announce that it has been published.  In Paula’s own words “Have y’all heard about that great new kids book, A Tall Tale By an Average Size Boy?  You can buy it at a reasonable price from iBookstore at”

Tall Tale Told by an Average Sized BoyEdwardEdward, Berna and Chloe

Above is a picture of Edward two years ago when he still looked like a little kid, and on the right one last year with his sisters.

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

24 thoughts on “The Answer Is…”

    1. You were VERY close. I almost gave it to you, but you were the VERY first, and I wanted to see what others thought. I thought they might take your comment, and go from that, but they didn’t. Eternal Traveler got really close, too! You guys get a silver star!!! Thanks for playing along! Marsha 🙂


  1. Marsha that was an interesting picture, I would not have guessed. About your blogging questions:
    1. Blogging has totally changed me, I am so happy I tried blogging out, I have fun, I read alot, I learn a lot and hte great thing is I made new freinds along hte way . It is so easy to talk thgouth the blog to far away countries and learn how htye feel think and enjoy life. I can reach so many more people through the blog. I also learn alot about computers, haha.
    2. It is certainly worth doing it gives me pleasure to see that many like my blog, and reading the wonderful comments is so heartwarming. I cna get advice, jokes and compliments. I totally love it, one of the best things I have done.
    I am working full time so I cannot blog every day but I try and keep up.
    3. I met a blogger living close by by accident and it is nice to meet them, also bloggers from my home country. I am not searching especially for bloggers near me everyone is welcome to my blog and find it amazing what countries they come from, I know very little from some countries.
    Summary: I love it and I will enjoy continuing blogging and reading other blogs like yours.
    Sorry it got a bit long 🙂 With love Ute x


  2. Yay! A silver star for me…lovely. As for your blogging questions, I have only been doing this since April. I love travel and sharing stories about where we’ve been, but one’s friends and family can only hear the stories so often before they glaze over. I decided to do an online course in travel writing last Christmas holidays and loved it, although I very quickly realised that I didn’t want to spend my life writing pitches for stories that might never be picked up. That’s when my daughter encouraged me to start a blog. I can’t believe how it has taken over my life…it’s so addictive. I go to sleep and wake up thinking about stories, I take photos with the direct aim of being able to write a story to go with them and I have met so many other writers online who often have so much in common with me. (You’re the perfect example of that.) Now I’m writing two blogs, and Justin Beaver has become the most famous member of our family. People even offer to take him on holidays with them so they can get good stories for me! (My husband won’t let him go. He says Justin has to maintain his integrity.) My life has been enriched by blogging in a way that I never imagined. And it’s so much fun!


    1. What a great response. You and Ute both get gold stars for that! I started in April, too, but I haven’t taken a writing course. You should teach us what you learned in a blog course!!!


      1. It wasn’t a blog course. It was a travel writing course which I did online through the Sydney Writer’s Centre. I gained some very useful knowledge though which I try to put into practise when I write my posts. It’s essential to have a hook for your story to draw readers in from the first sentence. Don’t waffle on, and try to be eloquent but not rambling. The best advice was the “show; don’t tell” theory, which means instead of saying something straight out, be more descriptive and give the reader a chance to visualise what you are talking about. That’s easier said than done sometimes.


        1. I agree with that one, girlfriend. MUCH easier said than done! Those “telling” words slip off my fingers faster than I can stop them, filling up my page with meaningless chatter!!!


          1. I can’t tell you how many edits I have to do! After I post, I read the posts of so many talented bloggers, and my brain wants to pop, they all are so good, and think in such creative veins. Their thoughts, their comprehensive vocabularies, their sharing of philosophies completely different than mine jolt me out of my tiny world. I marvel, inspired to write again.


          2. I’m sure my students think I’m balmy when I make them edit again and again. I was thinking I should print screen the dashboard when I’m writing a post where it shows how often I have edited a work in progress and show it to them. I’m working on a Justin Beaver post right now, I should do it and show them tomorrow. I love your writing and think you are doing an amazing job.


          3. Thank you so much. You are too, and I like the idea of print screen. I just posted a draft that I did several days ago. It took me an hour and a half to make the changes I thought were necessary, and it’s only three short paragraphs long, and I’ve been writing professionally for 15 years as a consultant. While I’m not publishing books, I had curriculum as well as several non-fiction articles and documents published. Writing is HARD work.


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