Blog of the Year 2012

Thanks for nominating me!!!

Thank you so much Rommel and Adinparadise for nominating me for the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award.  Of all the blogs you both visit – and I see you everywhere – I am so honored to be chosen by you for this award.  You both have wonderful blogs, beautiful pictures, interesting content, and it is well-organized.  Best of all you connect with people.  You leave feedback for people letting them know that you care.  

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I have many blogs that I read and go back to all the time.  So many that I don’t get back to them as often as I want to.  These are my picks for the Blog of the Year 2012, and are mostly old-time (up to 7 month) friends.  These are the top ones with whom I carry on conversations, listed in no particular order, with no remarks.  II adore them all, I’d love it if you visited all of them!  I may have even missed a few, and for you I beg your forgiveness.

Featured Blog

  Bluefish Way is a recent blog for me.  Ralph wrote a great post on why he follows people and asks why people follow him.  I guess we all wonder that, but no one I know can get the responses this blogger gets from his fans.  It’s hard to describe his appeal, but he has captivated my interest as a blogging phenomena, and, whether or not you are interested in him, he will write to you if you leave him a comment.

Others of you that I listed may not be blog award people either, and I didn’t notice, and for you, just consider yourself thanked for what you have added to my life.

HERE’S HOW TO NOMINATE SOMEONE FOR  ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award –

THIS IS MY BLOG AWARD STATUS AS OF 12-25 -12.  Thanks Adayinparadise and Ivon, Renee, Eunice and Carol, for awarding stars the rest of the 6 stars to me!!!  THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR READING MY BLOG!!!

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant. Read more about me here.

51 thoughts on “Blog of the Year 2012”

    1. This may be my second response. I tried using my iPhone today, but going through the pass I don’t think it posted. Sorry if you get two. I look forward to getting better acquainted with you this next year. I notice my friend Ute received an award from you. YEAH!!


  1. You really deserve any awards you get, Marsha. Thanks again for the mention. I wonder if I can have two ‘BOTY2012’ badges? 😕 Ralph’s blog is very entertaining indeed. It certainly has a certain “je ne sais quoi.” 😆


    1. That is totally it! There’s no explaining it. Part of it I’m sure is how much response he gets. People really get involved. My husband says, “Are you writing to Ralph, again?!” I just can’t help myself!!! Je ne sais pas porquois.


  2. Many, many groovy congrats indeed lassie! Brilliant!! Oh I adore your blog so much. It is highly addictive, I must say. SO happy to see this!! These blog awards are too edifying!! P.S. Going to visit all those you nominated (ones I have not already been following, having found via your blog already). Another P.S. Thank you for the listing of a Briny Lass, there, oh you are much TOO nice to this old, raggy sack of barnacled and limestone-encrusted driftwood. 😉 Many cheers,



    1. That description fits your Gravitar, but not you! If anyone should be describing herself thusly, it should be me, and I would never admit to it. Not even when I’m 90 and truly a piece of toast.


        1. Crunch, crunch. You should hear my bones when I get out of this chair to which I’ve been glued for the past several hours typing away. V asks, “Are you STILL blogging?” He’s gone fast asleep now. I shall too in a minute or three. 🙂


          1. Well I used up .9 gb last night from 6:00 to 11:30 when I went to bed. I uploaded the pictures for my post, and downloaded a picture and a few documents from email. We only get 15 gb per month and that was the first usage of the month. So that means that as of about 14 days from now I’ll have to stay up from 12:00-5:00 a.m. to have my blogging fun!!!


  3. Dear Marsha’s husband, In a previous comment your wife said ” My husband says, “Are you writing to Ralph, again?!” I just can’t help myself!!”.” I would like to clarify the situation. Our relationship is purely plutonic, A bit like a nuclear explosion that is about to happen 😉 Marsha loves to give me a hard time with her comments which I hope takes the pressure somewhat off you. Can’t you control her ??? LOL. I am now in big trouble with her. Take care. Ralph


    1. Ralph, you are SO funny. V doesn’t blog, but he is so kind as to read my blogging efforts every day. V is not jealous hahaha!!! There is no nuclear explosion. So never fear, my dear Ralph, no worries!!! California is still going to be in tact after the smokin’ blogging night is done!!!! I love to give HIM a hard time with my comments, too!!! He just doesn’t get to see them in writing like the world does between us!!

      But you have to admit, there are some pretty long comments in your box!!! You should see the one I deleted after he saw it! I agreed with him, and thought better of it. I do tend to run off at the mouth!!! Take a look at my conversations with smiling toad!!! We get REALLY WORDY wordy.

      Control ME???? Pity the poor man!!!!! V does try though, bless his heart. Sometimes I pretend… 🙂


        1. Just hot off WordPress V has been sighted walking aimlessly through Montana. WP reporters just caught up with him,

          “V, do you have an on/off switch on your computer?”

          “Hey man, I don’t even have a computer. I just barely got out of CA with my life. All my hard work – poof gone up in an explosion. You could see it from the air as I flew over CA on my way out of there. I got out just in time. Our plane made an emergency landing in MT. IT was chaos. People everywhere. I just can’t think straight right now.


  4. Hi Marsha, thank you so much for your feature in this post and for your commenting in my blog. I really do appreciate them 😉 BTW I would never write to your husband 😉 Ralph x


    1. hahaha!!! What was that last comment in my notification box? hehehe POOOOOOF BANG CRASH @#%^^**$%$!!!


      News Flash in Spain: What happened to California? – Last night around 12:07 a.m. it disappeared off the face of the earth! What is going on over there? Was it a giant earthquake? The seismic registers registered 10.2. At the moment no one knows the cause of this gigantic explosion. Right now we have reporters talking to Ralph, who almost bought Quirky, who thinks he knows what happened to California. “Ralph, could you tell us what you think is going on over there?”…


      1. Good afternoon viewers. A cataclysmic event has just taken place on the West Coast of America. It has just been reported to me that a Marsha device has gone off. This was a top secret Belated Long Overdue Giggle (BLOG) which I am not allowed to talk about, but I will !! The FBI (Fluffy Bunny Idealists) are behind the extinction of California. All seriousness in that State has been wiped out. There is nothing left. The Government is on high alert with weed. FEMA (Face Every Marsha’s Answers) are pouring into the sea like Lemmings. More later as events unfold and now back to you in the Studio.


        1. So sorry Marsha can’t respond right now. Rumors have it that she burst up over the explosion. There is no evidence to corroborate that report as Marsha’s house has disappeared into the ocean, along with the rest of California.


        1. ———–

          Poor V. It looked that Marsha Lee had flatlined with the rest of CA. The hotel clerk where V checked in had been watching the news, and gave him a complimentary bottle, and V slept fitfully. Inconsolable about losing his wife of almost 20 years, his home, his PG, V cried out all night in his sleep. The next day he turned on the news, as was his habit, and who should he see but his love, Marshamallow Pie, right there on the news. She was looking for HIM!!! It turned out that the whole episode was a hoax, set off by someone’s blog in Europe somewhere. California was still in tact. His wife and home were fine even though she was crying on the news. Ordinarily he would chastise her for manipulating his feelings by crying, but this time, he was just relieved. He would be home in less than four hours. YEAH!


      2. That is really good news that you are safe, your home is safe and California……no I shall not go there!! I wonder who in Europe could have initiated such a dreadful event ? 😉


  5. Thank you for the nomination and a BIG congratulations to you! I don’t know what I did wrong, but I followed you a LONG time ago, yet I wasn’t receiving your posts. Somehow I didn’t click the email button, I guess. I fixed that now, thank goodness!! 🙂


  6. Marsha, congratualtions and thenk you so much for nominating me, that means I have a second star, no actually I think the third, as I need to check alastair’s blog. I am very happy. I do love Ralph’s blog too he has such a great sense of humour. Lovely you mentioned him specially!


  7. CONGRATULATIONS Marsha!!!!! You certainly do have a ‘blog of the year’ blog (if you know what I mean). I’m a little late to the party because of other commitments, but I’m back now 😉

    Thank you so much for the nomination. I’m going to check out all your other nominees right now! 😀


    1. Hahaha Paula, Paula! I missed you today!!! I had to reread this post. I had forgotten which rant we were on. Ralph and I are definitely having way too much fun story blogging! This one is one of my favorites! Reminds me of a time riding a train in Russia…. Why can’t I just get some of these crazy stories into book form? I just have too much fun playing at writing!


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