Internet Purgatory

Technology frustrates me. I knew when it took 5 hours to write and upload a post with 11 pictures, that I was in trouble. So we called Wild Blue, our internet company. After a fifteen minute wait, and an obnoxious technical assistant putting us through a 30-45 minutes pretense of tests to get our computer to respond more quickly when you turn it on, the irritating one from Michigan said, “Your records show that you have used up all of your download allowance for the month.”

“So two weeks into the month, we have no more usage of our internet?”

“You can purchase another 10 GB.”

“But in two weeks, we have already used 15 GB?”


“And 10 more GB is the most we can purchase?”


“And there’s nothing else we can do?”


“Ok then, thank you very much.” Now what do I do? I am addicted to blogging. I can blog for free from midnight to 5 a.m. Our other internet service was just as bad, if not slower. Am I wrong for being frustrated when I pay $90+ a month for internet service?