What’s Happening …In The Foothills

I NEED your opinions!!!

I am so excited.  When I voted on Tuesday I ran into my friends, Sally and Alice who used to work with me when I was teaching.  I love voting.  As we chatted afterwards, and Sally asked me if I wanted to contribute a spring photograph for the cover of the magazine published by Kiwanis Club.  You  all know I said YES!

So now the problem comes of WHICH photograph of the tri-town area do we choose out of hundreds of photographs?  This morning I thought of all you, my unbiased friends that don’t know the area, and some that do.  I’m going to pick some that I like, and let you choose which picture might pop as a magazine cover.  AND if you have other ideas, I might have a picture that goes with it.  SO LEND ME YOUR OPINIONS, PLEASE.  OK, just give the to me.  I won’t give them back.

Foothill Flowers#1

Wild flowers?

Wildflowers #2

Wild flowers with a boy?

Baby Animals #1


Spring Creek#1

A stream which is dry all year except spring?

Cherry blossoms #1


Foothill Agriculture in the Spring

Agriculture in the foothills.  The foothill area is a huge citrus area.

I have tons more pictures, but my computer is not loading very well this morning.  So please help me out, and tell me which of these you think might make a good magazine cover.