SUNDAY POST : Wonderful

I would really love to learn to do animation, however, for now, that skill is just going to be left for the future.

Vince Up at the Crack of Dawn

I thought this was a wonderful picture of a wonderful sunrise that my husband snapped.  What I have learned to do with Photoshop I think also borders on superbly wonderful.  Let me share them with you as well.

A bit lightened up

This first layer played with brightness and contrast.

This next layer builds on the last layer by remodeling the hue.  I took out a bit of the blue.

I thought it was pretty wonderful when I removed all the color.  There’s just something about an old black and white, that makes the dramatic even more dramatic.

This was my last transformation with this picture before my eyes closed.  I posterized it.


Photo Challenge: Geometry

More geometry

Do you see my water mark, Leanne?  Just call me a copy cat.  I love the way it came out.


I was impressed not only with the deep troughs, but lines that I assume the tires made. tires.  When I was an elementary student, I remember learning how to draw perspective, and this is a perfect example of this.

Share your interpretation of geometry by posting a picture for the The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry. Be sure to add postaday to your tag line so that your photo will be easy for others to see.

Several of my blogging friends have posted some wonderful examples of geometry as well.  Here are three that I particularly liked:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry (2)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry