Ka’anapali Coffee Farms

Knowing that my husband is a realtor helps explain to you why this excursion is a must every time we go to Maui.  We look at houses.  No, we are not in the market to buy multi-million dollar houses even in Central California, let alone Hawaii, but once a realtor…

Document, document, document. We were here.

The deal is that you build your dream home, but the coffee farm stays.  There are several types of coffee here.

We hit the jackpot this year.

Lot #50

Fooled you – we didn’t win lot #50.  They harvested coffee beans the day we drove up the mountain.  We had never seen this, so maybe you haven’t either.  I can’t tell you much about it, so all you get are pictures, and a few stray comments to balance the page.  Deal?

Coffee beans

Every lot has coffee beans, but they are not all the same type.  Interestingly these beautiful fruits are called coffee cherries.

More coffee beans

Many countries harvest coffee cherries by hand, but not here at Ka’anapali Coffee Farms.

First, picking up the wagon at the barn.

Coffee bean harvester

Then the strip the branch of coffee cherries and empty them into the wagon.  As many machines as we have seen in the Central Valley, this was a new one for us!

Coffee bean harvester at work stripping the coffee cherry off the branch.

It’s pretty tall to have to fit over the trees, so that driver has a magnificent view down the mountainside.

The harvester could see all the way to Lana’i, the little island visible under the clouds.

You guessed it, Ka’anapali Beach Club.

Even the birds enjoyed the harvest.  I can’t imagine how jazzed they were after following the harvester around all day picking up fallen coffee cherries.  I’m sure the cherries aren’t decaf!

One last look before we head back down the mountain.

Trust me, it’s a lot easier to look at this development than the one we went through on horseback!  I couldn’t even remember WHAT they were growing there.

Bye bye.

Next time.