Abstract Art

My former daughter-in-law is quite an artist.  She can barely see, yet she turns out, what I think are absolutely beautiful paintings.  I was talking to my new blogging friend Mike at Sum This Sum That about his wife’s work.  She has a painting that looks like my Scardy Kitty posed for it.  I told him about my DiL’s paintings, and he wanted to see them, so Mike these are for you – and all the rest of you, too!!!


Cosmos is my favorite painting , and is the only one with a name I remember, but it may be upside down.  I rotated it around some.  I also didn’t take it straight on, but I’ll do another picture later.  I’m finding that it takes me hours to even do a simple post like this because I have to do things to the pictures.  (not to mention writing and editing the little bit of script I add)

I had this one and Cosmos up in my office at work.  They are not up yet in my house.  I just love her bright colors, and odd designs.

This next one may look the same size as the other two, but actually it is about half of the 2nd one and 1/3 of the first one.  I had three this same size that I hung over my desk at work, and they made a nice collection.

This is the next one in the trilogy.   Actually I’m sure it doesn’t matter which direction they are turned, but I had them rotated 90 degrees in my office, but I can’t remember which direction.

This was the third one of the trilogy.  Once when we went to a restaurant together, the restaurant served crayons for the paper tablecloth.  She coached the four of us to create abstract masterpieces on the tablecloth while we were waiting for our dessert.  They came out pretty well considering.

This is another favorite of mine, but my step-son won’t part with it.

This is another one he won’t part with.  Many, if not most of these she painted when they moved in with us when the came from France.  One time I came home from work expecting company for dinner and the entire dining room table was covered with one of her canvasses.  She was not happy about having to move her studio.

Most of these paintings are 2 dimensional, but often she added texture such as sand to add interest to the painting.

This is the last one of Bounheuang’s paintings that I photographed.   She is amazingly accomplished.  She has a master’s degree in English from a French university.  She was a very prolific as well as talented painter while she was married to my step-son.  She is also a professional dancer, a licensed massage therapist, and is now going to school to become an acupuncturist.    She made my life more interesting to say the least!









Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

17 thoughts on “Abstract Art”

  1. Wow! There are very impressive works!

    Remarkable compositions, great use of color and interesting details.
    The artist is clearly very talented.

    Does she have a blog of her own? If not and if the problem with eyesight you mention does not stop her from it, I strongly reccommend her to start a blog of her own.


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