Is There Like Beyond Spam?

Since my last post about spam when I was immediately removed from the WordPress blogging universe, I have had a breakthrough.  It seems that they have fixed the problem of me living with spam.  Thanks WordPress.

In addition to writing every day I try to read a fair number of blogs, and I was in the habit of pressing the “like” button because I couldn’t comment.  Today I tried pressing “Like”.  Like normal, but this time with a twist – I couldn’t like anyone’s work.  So If you think I don’t like you, you might be wrong.  It could be that my “like” finger has been deactivated.  Leanne, you were one of my “impossible to like” sites.  Sorry!!!  🙂



Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

21 thoughts on “Is There Like Beyond Spam?”

    1. I AM SOOOOO glad you can still like!! You are so kind!!! Seriously, I had never heard f anyone who couldn’t like before. That is going to crimp my style big time!!! I will leave you comments if I can’t like. Sometimes, when I have to sign in with my email, ect. it will take me two or three sign in atempts before I can even leave a like, then I can leave a comment as well, but it takes SO much time!!! That’s why I don’t get very many things read. I figure if I take the time to read, I should at least tell them I’ve been there so they know – at least those that I have been talking to on a regular basis!!


  1. OK so go to each person you like reading posts from and FOLLOW them then settings and say daily or right away or even weekly and save.
    They should show in your reader. but when you are on your blog hover over your name on left drop down then click on comments and go to dashboard and empty SPAM APPROVE comments made by each of us if you need more instructions to walk you through


  2. I like you! How could I not, I use to travel thru your town at least twice a year. Spent two summers and one winter at Pine flat lake for the corp of engineers.


    1. Hi Jim,
      Yes, My site was “Does not exist” for about four hours. I went to yours today, through the link on my notifications, and got a message that MHdriver didn’t exist, so, I am so glad to hear back from you that YOU also really exist. Maybe it is just my lack of technology. I must press things I shouldn’t. There is usually a way around most things. I told my husband, though, that it is hard to reason with a machine!!!


  3. OMG, what is happening to you, it is so terrible, I still check my spam folder every day regardless now. I know you are watching and looking Marsha, I hope they fix it up for you.


  4. So doleful to hear about all these spammy-like conditions you are suffering from. I have had a “like” button issue as well. I do hope this clear up for you lass!! P.S. I couldn’t help but laugh when I read, “so if you think I don’t like you, you could be wrong!” Poor lassie!

    p.s. very cleva title 😀


  5. Right. That’s it young lady.!! Next time you visit my blog and you have not pressed a like; I’m sorry but I’ll just have to do this to teach you a lesson; you are going in to my spam for half an hour between the viagra salesman and the property developer. And !! If you say “yes please” the pleasure will be all yours. 😉 Ralph x


    1. I’m back home now on my own computer. Apparently the like button my husband substituted on his computer, which has the wrong finger up in the air, does not agree with WP policies, and they knocked me out of the like business while we were in HI. 🙂


      1. Hi Marsha. You are replying to a simple man. A man who reads a post, under which is a rectangle with “Like” written in it, who moves his cursor over it and left clicks and his little picture appears magically telling the blog owner that he has “liked” the post. Tomorrow I am being admitted to hospital for a week of tests. I shall ask the consultant to test me for blogitis as I am sure that I am going mad. My laptop does not have a “like” button. Don’t say that I was sold a duff laptop !! ;D Ralph x


        1. Good luck on your tests. My silliness doesn’t lend itself to logic and clear-headed writing, LIKE it or not. When the cursor changes from arrow into hand, the computer is indicating to me that I can press things on the computer and hyperlink to other things – LIKE for example. If there is no hand, the hyperlink, or ability to press any symbolic button on the computer screen is null and void. My husband changed the picture of HIS cursor hand manually. So when his computer hand appears over a LIKE button or any other hyperlink, he sees a hand on which the pointer finger is not the one pointing. HIS doing, not the computer’s. My strictly feminine logic was that the WP gods somehow saw his naughty hand, and denied ME the right to LIKE. Pure silliness. Sorry!


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