This is a perfect way to teach geography to young-ish children. If you teach social studies – you’ve got to start with geography – so I’ve been told!!! When you teach literature, guess what??? Same thing! I know you will enjoy this post!

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      1. I wish I had more leisure time to play board games myself…ah, guess we will have to wait & see perhaps a revival may happen & we see board game cafes around the country, haha… 😉


        1. They would be great for traveling. You can only watch TV for so long. Reading while traveling also gets tiring. A game lets you do something with your brain, and visist with someone at the same time. Once kids get started on them, they won’t stop!


  1. I am contemplating purchasing “Ticket to Ride” for my children as a holiday gift. I have read some websites stating that it is NOT a good way to teach geography as the artists took some liberties due to problems with scale. (Where Duluth is Minneapolis should be?, Maine is not represented at all?)

    I am looking for educational board games to play as a family….any recommendations?


    1. You are asking about board games, and I haven’t bought any board games for more years than I want to admit. There is so much online, that children and adults alike play almost anything you can play in a board game online with or without live partners. Additionally, many textbook publishers have educational games online that go along with their curriculum. You might check to see who publishes the curriculum that your children are using. They have wonderful resources. A few years ago many teachers and others were writing webquests where students solve problems using online resources. These are pretty amazing depending on how well they are written. Most games are designed to develop eye-hand coordination even more than they are developing knowledge or thinking skills. Games like battleship develop spatial logic, Scrabble and other word games are great for vocabulary. Most board games are good for teaching many skills at the same time because they are learning informally by interacting with their families. My dad and I used to play chess, and those were the best times I had with him. I even beat him from time to time.


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