Beautiful Vase Revisited

My vase got a lot of attention last night, and experts have moved in to help me.  I learned that my vase is vociferous noisy.  I remember back in the early days of television when there was more static in the picture than picture.  That is noise.

Asian Art Museum in San Francisco

The pictures of all my museum pieces had a lot of noise that might have been avoided somewhat had I used the button on the back of my camera labeled WB, but I took this picture 3-4 years ago before I knew the button existed.  (I didn’t watch the entire “how to” video).

After I played with it for about an hour last night, I turned it red, which really wasn’t better, but I worked at it, so I wanted to share.


Leanne worked on it today, and she said it’s hard to get the green out.  So I started with Leanne’s better green, and added a layer, and adjusted the hue and saturation levels.  The next thing that I did was to add another layer and adjust brightness up and contrast a little down.  I don’t really know how to get the image back to size, but I feel better about the color.  Adding layers really helped.  I don’t really understand layers at all, but I’m a fan of them now!!!  I’ve been reading about Leanne’s amazing layers for months now, and so here I am actually doing some myself.  YEAH!!!

Artsifrtsy/the EFF Stop suggests getting rid on noise, so I looked at my photoshop notes, and we had learned how to add noise, so I reversed the technique.  I did this by going to filter, noise and reduce noise.  I moved the slider down to 30% and saved it.  I don’t see a huge change, but it is much smaller now, so of course, it’s less noisy.  Let’s go back to the original ugly one, and see if I can recreate what happened with the smaller quieter version now that I know more.

I took hue down to -18, saturation to -39 and lightness to +4.  I merged the layers

To that I added another layer and increased the brightness to 79 and the contrast to 51.  Then I merged them.

Finally I went to the filter tab, reduced noise to into the teens, and increased color strength to around 80.  I don’t know that it would win any prizes, but it is a vast improvement over the original, and over my first efforts.  This was definitely worth the time it took to clean it up, and it will take less time as I do it and get better at it.  AND I could never have done it without my blogging friends Leanne and Artsi.  You ladies ROCK!!!

Wouldn’t you all agree???

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

20 thoughts on “Beautiful Vase Revisited”

  1. Well done! Layers are your friend! Noise is very tough to remove – but easy to eliminate when shooting. ISO is your friend in camera:) Shoot as low as you can go – if you are using any auto features on your camera you can adjust the ISO range in the auto settings – it’s always a compromise – brightness in low light = noise and loss of detail. The photo you chose to work with was a very tough one to make headway with and you did great!


    1. ISO is a foreign word to me. Thanks for the compliment. I particularly like the small one that Leanne sent me, and then I added your tricks to it. It wasn’t quite as good big, but I started with the really rough one. Even so I was pleased. Thanks so much!!!!


      1. ISO is an old film term for speed. On your camera it swaps the ability to get brighter images in low light without a tripod – the trade off is detail – you get noisy (grainy) images if the ISO is too high.

        I think you did great, especially on a noisy and reduced image. Now shoot something in good light and see what these adjustments can do!


        1. Most of my pictures are in a better light, but fo some reason I can’t resist shooting millions of pictures as soon as I enter a museum. It’s like I want to do a website for every museum. Then I get home, and do you think I could remember about each of those photos? Of course not. And even if I did – to what purpose? It is just an addiction.


          1. Thanks for helping me. Now my site is down because I published an article about spam – my favorite topic these days. I copied and pasted a spam gravitar into the body of my article because it was such nonsense and as soon as I pressed publish, my site went down. We’ll see if you can get this!!


  2. Brilliant, I am very impressed, what a SUPERB job, well done lassie! And bravo to Artsi and Leanne!! Wonderful!! I always shoot in lowest ISO possible, but when the light gets low, descends the noise. My camera will not go any lower than 200. I adjust the aperture and try to be as still as possible, and know I’ll probably end up doing some blending and layering later, ah well. Then there is the fun world of purposefully grainy photos, I will adjust the ISO to the highest for these, and I have such fun with what comes out of it.

    Aye, layers are fabulous! I am so glad you are finding such enjoyment in the photo-processing world. This is just brilliant! GROOVY!


    1. I’m not a pro. This is my first effort with them. I don’t really understand yet how they work, but it seemed to do the trick. At least better considering how bad it was to start.


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