Spam and Stats

Just a quick post tonight, but funny considering my spam troubles.  I’m almost afraid to write comments anymore.  Tonight I had no comments pending, and 4 in MY SPAM file.  Guess what?  Three of the four SPAM comments were MINE! hahaha.

Second go figure for me tonight.  When I set this account up I tied it to MY Facebook account.  I also manage a Facebook account for San Joaquin Valley Council for the Social Studies.  I discovered the public Facebook for that organization also has been posting all my posts from this website.  I felt a little weird about that since this is more personal than professional – a little mix, but mostly me.  So I pressed x on that Facebook account under the Sharing Setting.  When I checked my statistics when I got home tonight I discovered that I had 198 followers from Facebook to this website.  i have no idea how that happened!!!

So that’s it for me tonight.  3 minutes until 12:00.  I made it!

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Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

18 thoughts on “Spam and Stats”

    1. It seems hard to find someone. I have gone to all the forums, and it seems that someone somewhere in the universe may have reported that I was spam, and now the report is viral. I left a comment on one volunteer’s website, and I’m hoping that he will get back to me out of pity. Thanks for caring Diane!!! 🙂


  1. I couldn’t help laughing ……….. and I know it is not funny. Finding your own comments in the spam. 😦

    I keep watching for you in mine. 🙂
    I keep telling myself: A spam comment is better than no comment at all…..maybe.


    1. Awwww. Maybe they don’t EVEN go to Spam!! Maybe I’m not even good enough for that folder!!! Yikes!!! I’m getting afraid to leave comments though, seriously!!!


    1. I have gone to the forums. I also have contacted one of the volunteers. I doubt if that person will contact me, but maybe he can recommend someone. I may have to change my IP address. Thanks for your concern. You are a special blogger. 🙂


      1. I just think it is so strange and it shouldn’t happen. YOu might end up in someone’s spam the first time, but after it is told you aren’t spam it certainly shouldn’t happen again. I hope you will keep me updated, I love a mystery, well I am sure you don’t like this one.


        1. It IS a mystery. Yesterday I had an appointment with a Genius at the Apple store. I asked him about my mystery, and he didn’t know, but I noticed two things that might help me along the way. One thing is google sometimes asks me for permission to allow them to access MY information from various websites – yours being one of them. Sometimes I allow, sometimes I don’t. The guy at the store pressed, “Always allow” like it was no big deal. So I will do that from now on. Another thing that happened was that the articles that I had clicked to appear in my quilt article yesterday (three of which were my former articles) appeared in my spam file. That has happened before, and I pressed delete permanently because I though they were just junk – even though they were mine – they weren’t REAL comments. It could be that I caused Akismet to think that EVEN I think I’m SPAM – which isn’t the case. So yesterday I unspammed them. This whole blog thing IS an experiment – and if anyone can mess up an experiment by overly experimenting – that would be ME. Thanks for being such a good friend!


  2. Tell you what, it took me three to five refreshes just to get to this post. What is wrong with your blog?! Hehehehe 🙂 Support really needs to respond to your blogging troubles. Never really seen anybody else with multiple trouble calls than you do.


    1. Yikes!!!! Maybe I should just close it down and start over again. I hate to do that, but this is crazy!!!! Thanks for letting me know. 🙂


      1. I just un-spammed one of your comment. I remember the first time I warned you about it. Ten years later, it’s still unsolved. This must be frustrating for you. I don’t recommend starting over. Tomorrow, I’ll try to notify wordpress support for you. 😀 For now, excuse me as I attend to other blogs. BWAHAHAHAHAHA Joke!


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