Līgo Circle of Appreciation

For duration of 22 days, starting on 1st October 2012, we will be inviting
2 bloggers per day
to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an Appreciation, NOT an Award.

To fully participate in the Līgo Circle of Appreciation:
* Complete this sentence about blogging: ”A great blog is…
* Refer back to the blogger who invited you
* Invite 2 bloggers to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation on a post

“A great blog is one that is active.  The information is interesting, and the person reciprocates by visiting and commenting on your blog as well.  Through it you develop a friendship or at least a feeling of camaraderie.”  Marsha Lee

Thank you Esengasvoice for inviting me into the circle.  I am starting late.  I’m glad this is going on for a while because there are so many of you whose blogs I have come to love.

I started with October 7, so I will BOLD that day, but I am going to build backwards as well because there are so many of you who have touched me with your blog thoughts.  Twenty-two days is not going to be enough time to appreciate everybody.

October 4

Rommel writes The Sophomore Slump with a great sense of humor and some wonderful pictures.  He recommends other sites and “smack you in the head” if you don’t visit them!  Always fun, and generous.  You will enjoy his blog.

Another blog that I have been visiting recently is Suanne’s Balcony site, the most recent read is 10 Things To Do with Kids in Nepal.  How many people ever get to Nepal, let alone get there with their kids.  You will get a first hand glimpse of things you would never expect to see.  Not only that Suanne is great about visiting you and writing back to you as well.  You all know how important that is to me!

October 5

Adinpardise has been nominated for so many awards.  Everybody that reads her blog goes back and nominates her for an award.  Today, October 8th, she is posting adorable children eating “delicious” treats in an answer to a weekly photo challenge.  She responds to challenges, and sparks her readers to do the same.  She shares her talent and directs her readers to the talents of others as well.

Naomi Baltuck is so full of life and joy that you have got to get a dose of her.  Today I thumbed through her gorgeous photographs until I hit the story about Aunt Leona.  You have got to read this inspiring story about her 86 year-old aunt who travels everywhere! Naomi is someone you can get to know and love quickly.

October 6

Diane Gray is a photographer and a thinker.  She has a heart, and she is humble.  She writes a post that makes people think, and asks, “Do you find this concept interesting? Is the future of science just heading into a new form of art? Have I bored you to death?”  Forty-seven comments and counting says it didn’t bore people!

Amy writes a blog called Share and Connect, and she does just that.  When you visit her blog, you can guarantee that she will be back to connect with you even if she has to fish you out of the Trash, which she does graciously.  You will find her photography, and narration fun, and you will want to connect with her.

October 7

Leanne Cole – Leanne has a heart for people, communicated with so many, and always has good information about photography.  Leanne is amazing.  She took my yucky photoshop picture “home with her” and worked on it.  It will be interesting to see what she does with it.  She also visits almost every site I do.  (and before I ever get there.)  Wish she lived in California!

Russel Ray Russel Ray has that same heart.  He visits many websites, and doesn’t just spend a few minutes.  He “camps out”.  He always leaves you feeling good when he checks out.  Not only that, he posts amazing pictures, mostly about San Diego and his cat, Zoey, approves EVERY post.

October 8

ShareChair Share loves everything technology, “Everyday Technology for Everyday Folks”.  She speaks in a language that most of us understand, is enthusiastic and answers comments.  What more could a fellow technology lover want in a website?

Renee is a young woman who is interested in horse back riding, photography, writing, reading, music, and I don’t know what else.  Not only that she’s good at all of those things.  AND she’s 16.  I’m inspired by this girl and her attitude and enthusiasm toward life.

October 9

Amy blogs on Such the Like and is another talented young woman who loves to crochet and sew, and write about funny things that happen in her life.  She’s bright and cheerful as is her page.

If you like history, you will love The Cotton Boll Conspiracy.  I think Cotton is extremely knowledgeable, and I don’t believe that “he?” is a professional historian, which makes his writing even more impressive.  (I know many brilliant professional historians.)  His writing is not light reading, but you will learn little something at every reading.

October 10

Tanushree has a brand new website, and already has 1,329 views.  That tells you what kind of a blogger she is.  Her blogs are always intelligent and well written, about different topics.  My favorites are her blogs about India.  The amazing thing about Tanushree is that if you like a certain topic, she will come back with an article about it in just a few days.  She’s a delight.  You will enjoy Tanushree.

Miss Frugalista is my next recommendation.  She writes in both Spanish and English.  She helps young women find their sense of fashion without spending a fortune.  She has been featured in a few magazines, and in short, has quite a bit of success due to her blogging.

October 11 – Jury Duty

Today I am going to recommend a new blogger AND new quilter, Jaydogblog.  I spent my morning so far reading each day’s progress on her new project.  Her quilting is beautiful, but her writing style is heartwarming.  The problem is that I’m still spammy.  Being spammy feels like you have the flu.  No one gets near you!!!  Anyway, if one of you happens by her blog give he the short link to this page.  I’ll go ahead and leave her a Spam, too!

Lesley Carter writes one of my favorite blogs about bucket lists.  I have nominated her before for awards, and she doesn’t need any nominations.  She has thousands of followers, but here is one thing that is special about Lesley.  Almost every blog I visit, Lesley has already liked the blog.  She doesn’t comment often, but with 10 MILLION page views, she wouldn’t have time.  She writes like she is sitting in your living room telling you about herself.   If you haven’t spent time on her blog, you need to – it is fun.

October 12 What would have been my Dad’s 86th birthday

Today’s blogs are new to me.  I just visited Canoe and Communications, and was fortunate to land on the weekly challenge last week of Happy.  I had to listen to the song video that was posted, and it made me so happy that I instantly liked the site.  So you’ll have to visit it too and see if I’m accurate.  I’m going back to spend more time on it, but for now I’m basing my judgment of the book on the cover – which was delightful.

The second one is called 3 Culture Children.  In this blog Raquel finds a place to “voice my impressions and feelings about life, friends, jobs, travels, all wrapped up by our duties with the Foreign Service.”  With just that introduction you can believe that it is going to be an interesting place to visit.

October 13

If you like to laugh you are going to love this next blog.  Actually it’s not just funny, it’s pretty deep, slimy, too.  We have the most amazing conversations back and forth through our comments.  I laugh out loud (literally) when I read her comments.  But you have to visit her site to see her amazing photography.  Visualize a gravitar name of smiling toad, you know  Thebrinylass is unique.  Visit and she’ll thank you for “oozing by”.  P.S.  You may have to read my comment which defines some of the vocabulary for today’s post (I looked them up).  She uses the most amazing words ever.

My next suggestion is a wonderfully friendly motor home driver who posts pictures from all over the United States.  What I really like about Jim is that he is such an encouraging commenter.  If you want to make a friend, and enjoy a great blog, stop by his blog mhdriver and have a look at all the places he will take you.

October 14

Red Dirt Chronicles is one of the funnier websites out there.  She’s new to me, but she was reblogged on Stuff I Tell My Sister, which is my next blog to appreciate.  But back to Red Dirt.  I need to spend some time here, and I’m caught because I have my comment to tell her about this “NON-award” ready to click, but I want to post it first here.  So you see my dilemma.  This blog seems much more professional than  – say mine –  The background is a wonderful map.  She has contributors (How does she do that?)  She has blogroll partners, and she seems to know a lot about Oklahoma.  guaranteed I’m going to spend some time “camping out” on this website.  Maybe I’ll see you there.

Stuff I Tell My Sister is just that – conversational.  I don’t even have a sister, but if I did, she writes the kind of stuff I’d like to share.  You don’t even have to know about the “stuff”, but she makes it interesting.  She takes the time to read your posts and comment about them.  It is a pretty site, good photography, but the best thing is that she opens the door and invites you to sit down and enjoy life with her.

October 15  Last Day of Jury Duty

Mushy Cloud has a fun blog that consists of running thoughts, pictures, cartoons, and an assortment of interesting things to read.  What makes her great is that she’ll stop to chat.

On of my most helpful blogs as I am doing my own writing is That Writing Lady.  I think you will enjoy her ideas – especially if you teach.  Since I no longer teach, I’m just going to practice here!!  Thanks Writing Lady. 🙂

October 16 The furnace installers are on the roof

Artsifrtsy is another new blogger to me.  I spent some time today examining her site because she has been visiting mine, and because she gave me some tips on my horrible photoshop job that I did yesterday.  What I found was a wonderfully talented, caring giving person.  She is an amazing photographer.  You have to read her about page, though.  It’s so honest.  She’s real people.

Today I spent a little time looking through  Esengasvoice recommended blogs.  One that I found was RitaLovestowrite.  That doesn’t count as one of my two today.  I just got side tracked.  Just for your information she writes the most interesting biographies of authors and singers.  They are listed on the side in her category list, so they are easy to find.  Much more interesting than Wikipedia.

The next person’s blog I woud like to recommend to you is another teacher Teacher as Transformer.   I see this face all over in my blogging expeditions.  I have spent some time on his site, and he posts and reposts interesting poems, pictures and other articles.  Teachers will particularly enjoy his category Progressive Education.  I know I did.

October 17  Site shut down temporarily by WordPress.

Valerie Davies, an English woman with a sense of humor is my next choice for you to visit.  Her writing style is accidentally funny, I think – not artificially reaching  for it.  She has the writing experience to back her up as an authority, yet she remains down to earth and approachable, responding to every comment in a gentle, accepting way.  I don’t see how you could help but like this woman and her blog.

I was talking to my hairdresser today about what makes a blog, or fashion or hair, virtually anything, popular.  I have my definition of great, but there is beyond great.  I think that is viral.  MyPenandMe may have that, je ne sais quoi, that it takes to be a viral blogger.  Take a look at her woman and her cat doodle #16, and you will see her appeal for yourself.

October 18 Back online

Blogs are so diverse  I traveled around today which I don’t usually have as much time to do.  One name I found in many places was Jo Bryant.  She makes kind comments all over cyberspace.  So I had a picture of her as sort of mild mannered, sit in her chair and writing all day.  With that said, you have got to read 100 things about her.  So much fun and so funny.  I also like the way she has her page organized.  She has links to all sorts of little tidbits about herself.  You’ll like her, and in my opinion that’s one thing that makes a good blog.

Sorry for the delay in getting this out.  I was offline for a while.  I had a new blogger visit my site, and is my custom, when someone visits, I visit his or her site and check out to see what they are doing.  When I checked out Mary Livingston I found a beautiful site about water colors.  That has always fascinated me, although I don’t think I have much talent for it.  I love that she does.  She uses her water-color talent for her church, and the results are lovely.  I think you will enjoy Mary’s site The Backdoor Artist.

October 19
Recently I found Thehandwrittenlife by Andrea Kelly when I traced back my Liebster award to see who awarded it to my friend Renee and her friends back and back.  Today when I went to visit again, I noticed that she was Fresh Pressed!  How wonderful!  So now you have two – abundant – reasons to check out Andrea’s site!
The Paridox Farm is another site that I found because the person, in this case, pair of docs, came calling.  I am always amazed when new people visit my site.  My friend Melinda would like this site because it recommends the benefits of heritage products, both plants and animals.  This site also needs no recommendation from me, but here it is anyway.  The authors of this site are also quite a fabulous photographers, but their philosophy is what really caught my attention.  Join them and read about their research.  It may change your philosophy.
October 20
Whose Life Is It Anyway is a site I may have recommended early on in my blogging career nearly six months ago.  You will like her sense of humor, and her glorious photography.  Her pictures are definitely more than “point and shoot”, they “take themselves” sorts of pictures.  Kentucky at its best.
Today I went through some of the posts I’m following.  In my menu bar blogs that I follow are about 30 of the 150 or so blogs that I follow.  Why the rest are not there, I’ll never know, but I wanted to check out some that I don’t hear from very often.  I discovered The Wildflower Scout.  This blog looks like a beautiful wildflower identification book that you should carry with you at all times. The site focuses on that subject, so if you hate flowers, skip this site.  If you love beauty, this one is a must.  If you go, you won’t see many likes.  I tried putting mine there, but it didn’t stick.  I’m hoping my comment will.  Maybe some of you that have fewer problems with spam can like her work easier than I did.
October 21
I’m going to nominate two friends (of each other) today for my appreciation of blogs.  Mixed up Meme illustrates songs, and loves a lively conversation.  However don’t try to pull any fast deals with Meme, or she’ll want a cut!!!  She’s random, like me, so if you enjoy randomness, you’ll love Meme, and Meme will always write back, so that’s fun!
Her friend is Ralph.  I just went to Ralph’s blog after chatting with him through Meme’s comment section – since I can’t LIKE very well any more.  I think my LIKE finger is random, too.  At quick glance Ralph seems to be a nice bachelor, slightly used, according to hum, trolling the blogging world for wonderful women.  He has a great sense of humor, and that’s always a must for me, but I’m not in the market.   So Ralph, if I’m wrong about you being a bachelor, I apologise to your wife because now all the available women aged 35-90 will be calling on you.  Sorry!!!
October 22  Last Day for this Circle, but now I still have to go back and fill in, which I will do at my leisure.
I know I’ve missed many of you.  Even so, I hope you’ve had enjoyed reading about new people as I’ve tried to diversify somewhat.  Today I want to nominate Nutsfortreasure.  Eunice is an amazing nature photographer, but she is a friend when you need some advice. She is skillful as well as helpful.

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant. Read more about me here. http://wp.me/P7tP3I-2

59 thoughts on “Līgo Circle of Appreciation”

  1. I meant to post my comment here,… 😉 Thank you so much, Marsha! I’m flattered by your recognition. It has been fun and rewarding to share and connect with you and many other bloggers!


  2. Thank you so much, Marsha. I am honoured to be part of this wonderful circle 😀

    I’ll be checking out all your other nominees now 🙂

    I’d love to be a photographer (and feel very flattered that you’ve called me one), but I’m pretty hopeless at it really ;D


  3. WEEEEE! Your testimonial for mine was roll on the floor hilarious, but overtly flattering.
    I know a lot of blogs you mentions. I’m sorry I haven’t really been so active lately. 😦 I promise that, in time, I will RR-style “camp out” on many WP blogs.

    Thank you oh-so much. I will respond to this.


    1. I read a great article on the Daily Post by Elizabeth today on getting comments. Then I tried to comment. It went right to SPAM. AS USUAL! I’m so grateful to blog friends like you that actually comment, and on whose blogs my comments seem to stay put! YEAH! I’m glad you rolled on the floor laughing!!! I have a feeling you are a roll on the floor type of guy and we, YOUR blog fans, love it!!!


    1. I agree about the friendship bond in your last post. One of the things that makes you a great blogger is your willingness to comment. You are a great writer as well. 🙂


    1. It’s 22 days. I started late, so I’m making it up by going backwards. I am taking my time because I want to read through people’s blogs. What I haven’t done yet is to trace back and visit the blogs that other people recommend. I think that the circle will go on a lot longer than just 22 days!!!! I’m loving it so far. 🙂


      1. It started on October 1, but I don’t really know what the rules are if you come in late. I don’t think it matters really. The most important thing to me is looking back through my favorite blogs, and reading more, reading deeper in fewer blogs, really, which is what develops friendships and true appreciation.


  4. Thanks for inviting me to join this – things are a bit busy here at the moment for me to do it properly, but I appreciate your comments about my blog, and will certainly make more effort to get to know others and comment more. The community is great!
    You will see by my replies that I found all your comments and rescued them from the spam folder. Any idea why that’s happening to you?


    1. I have no idea – very frustrating. I wrote to the support folks, and got back a link to click via email. When I clicked it, it said Forum closed!!!


    1. I can hardly wait to spend more time reading your blog. And I know that others will enjoy it as well. There are so many interesting bloggers that have befriended me in the last si months, and what makes them interesting is that they read and learn from others as well as living life to the fullest themselves. So welcome to the Circle! 🙂


  5. Oh brilliant, brilliant! I am exceedingly excited about this, going set aside some time to work on this tomorrow. Grand! Thank you so much for the lovely tribute there, and OOOOO excited about delving into all these fabulous blogs you have shared here. Oh my TOO grand!!


      1. I adore our exchanges, and so appreciate having found you. I am so thrilled to be a part of this wonderful blog world, so much, travel, culture, humour, inspiration, art, beauty, pain, poetry, food, photography……it’s so rich. I feel so privileged indeed. This looks like an excellent medium to express some of that appreciation.

        Oh blast, so many things have been demanding my attention, lately, making it difficult to get online, I fear. In a bit of a transitional point in life right now, which is always very exciting! Cheers!

        Autty Jade


          1. Was it this poem http://thebrinylass.wordpress.com/2012/07/25/permafrost-voice/ Permafrost Voice? I had no idea Google would spit that up for someone doing a search, haha. I slip in and out of “character” for that poem, the very hard and embittered voice represents someone I have painfully watched become a very dark, friable and cynical person over the years- and the poem is a reflection of that grief I feel, mourning the old friend I once knew. Sometimes I catch wee glisks of her now and then, which seems only to madden the grief. Haha, thank goodness you did not find the video of me singing to wind turbines…XD


          2. It’s always a surprise to find out what is out there about us. I’m sorry about your friable friend. Some things affect a person in a way that they never recover. That was the one I heard. I thought it was marvelous.
            OK the other one is out there, too. Something Beautiful. Very nice. You have a beautiful voice. Not many people can pull off a cappella, but you pulled it off. Nice!!!


          3. Yes, I have known too many that have toppled over that unseen precipice and seem unable to return. Seems to be one of the greater sources of grief in my life. I never give up hope, but I do tend to step back, as I cannot let myself get dragged into that mire…

            Oh NO NO! You FOUND it?! Nooooo! Of course you did…are you part detective inspector?!! Mortification heaven! A cappella, recognise it but still not sure what it really is. I know nothing of singing, quite obviously. I do remember the first time I began singing as an infant. It produced a lot of smiles from me mum so I sang louder. Then she paraded me around, and I would sing, and all the laughing, smiling faces encouraged me to sing louder again. That was my last public-singing, until I became possessed by wind turbines and agreed to sing even with a camera going….and then an overly exuberant Florida pal splattered it onto the net….All the turbines’ fault, completely. I don’t know what it is about them, they make me do very odd things…


      2. I so wanted to be a part of this circle, but I fell short of time. However, I am very grateful to have met some fantastic new bloggers from this. I adore every blogger on this list and thank you all you put into this!! Fabulous!!!!


  6. Marsha, thanks for the invitation to participate in the Circle … I will get to all of its requirements shortly. Also … you suggest that Pairodox Farm was Freshly Pressed … I looked upfront at WordPress and could not find evidence that that was so … what lead you to believe that Pairodox had been given that honor? Thanks again … I’ll be in touch … Dave


  7. Hello there. I suppose this is a non-classified babble attempt to let you know that i appreciated your Oct 14 entry re: the Red Dirt Chronicles. And, I appreciate people like you who explore. Explorers are always the likes of whom find things. Cool things. But today, I found you – so who’s the explore now, eh?! Adios, RDK


    1. Hi Red Dirt, You win. this time – For a second my t, s and K keys didn’t work. That was a real trip. You never realize how much you need them till you don’t have them! So enjoy the explore. If found you because you hilarious story was reblogged. I fell in love with it!


  8. Hello Marsha. Well you really threw me a curve ball with this. You just love to keep me on my toes and I love it. I read this post and saw that yesterday it’s finished……or has it?? Would you like me to carry on and nominate another 2 bloggers?? By the way, I am really, genuinely, honestly, definitely, unattached ie. NOT married, in a relationship, gay, a monk, or weird.
    I shall await your response before I answer you in my blog. Hugs (oops…you’re married…what the heck) Hugs. Ralph x


  9. I love this idea! And thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 I’m afraid I came in a little late, so I may have missed the boat as far as nominating others go though…

    I’m definitely on my way to check out the rest of the ones you mentioned!


    1. No worries. The point for me is appreciating others. I will probably fill in the rest of the month at a later time. The same with new awards I have received. It does take time, but what I like is the fact that it is a built in way for bloggers to reinforce and admire each other’s efforts. 🙂


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