I haven’t figured out why my comments go to people’s spam.  I try to write nice comments, but maybe I write too many words.  Maybe my grammar’s bad, and WP thinks I’m not a real human.  Possibly WP thinks I’m trying to sell something that is not appropriate.  For whatever reason I’m in the trash more often than not.  For that I apologize, and hope that you will take the time to fish me out.  I have found that I’m not getting as many comments, and I truly miss you leaving behind your thoughts.

I check my spam each day, and lo and behold – normal spam.  “Lovely site man, I am appreciating your words, and hope to make examples of it when you visit my site, you will see it.”  Nothing from you.  If anyone knows how to solve this problem, I’d love to know it.  I found that it even happens when I go directly to your site, sign in, and the posting comment sign comes on, and then poof, my post is gone.  Probably out spamming.

Today on October 2, I found this in an article about the Admin Bar.

The gist of this is that when you are on someone else’s blog, and you hover the mouse over their name, the above menu pops up.  In the gray section is another line that states, “report as spam”.  If you do that accidentally or on purpose, it reports that site as spam to WP.  I’m not sure how they follow-up with it.  I also am not sure what you can do to unreport that person as a non-spammer.

I followed two new sites tonight, and clicked “like”.  They followed me back.  I tried to leave comments on both of their sites, and it never appeared.  It didn’t leave a message, “Your comment is awaiting moderation, either.”  I wonder if it will show up?  I’ll keep an eye out for it.  I’m on a quest!

So that’s my latest update on Spamming.  Still learning, still experimenting.  🙂

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

24 thoughts on “Spam”

  1. On my webmail, I have the option to release the message and mark as legitimate sender. Your blogs are NEVER sent to spam. (I use “Windows Live” and “webmail” on the OCSNET.NET web site.) Sorry people aren’t getting your blogs.



    1. Thanks Esther. It isn’t that they aren’t getting the blog itself, they aren’t getting my comments on their blog, or our comments back and forth on my blog. I’m not sure why that happens. I also find that some people have a special step of signing in to the blog when you make a comment, and sometimes it takes two or three tries before I finally am even able to press LIKE on someone’s website. That is extremely annoying because my computer has slow internet anyway. Sometimes I just give up. Thanks for commenting. It means a lot!!!


  2. Hi there, Marsha Lee… actually, I just checked my spam and the two comments you left on my blog were trapped there. I approved your comments, but that’s indeed very weird. Maybe someone marked your blog as a spammer? Maybe you should get WordPress’ help to solve it?


    1. You might want to check your general settings. It may be something that you have set, and my comments meet the criteria for spam. I know I don’t go into everybody’s spam, just some. It just so happens it’s some of my favorite people.


  3. I have to say Marsha, I found you in my spam folder recently which I was a little surprised about. YOu and a couple of others, seems to happen every now and then for different people. I check my spam each day or nearly every day and go through each one to make sure they truly are spam.


    1. I know, and I am SOOO frustrated! I love to hear back from people, and I’m going into about 6/9 people’s spam. People that I have been writing to for a while even!!! So sad for me. 😦


  4. I once had a onetime visitor; he was either Dutch or German. Everyone of his three comments went to the spam box. I don’t know why. They were not spammy and there were no links. It was weird but I thought it was just a glitch. No telling how many more of his comments were labeled as spam on other blogs. Guess I should have told him about to see if he could get it fixed.


    1. There’s still time. He may be standing in suspended animation somewhere out there waiting to be transformed. 🙂 Poor guy! Have you NO heart, JG??? I’m picturing Captain Kirk in my mind. And you would leave him disembodied? hahaha 🙂


      1. Great day in the morning! You have discovered my secret (no heart).

        His comments are on my about page so to prove that I DO have a heart I’ll drop him a line. 😉


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