Ohio Star


It makes sense that a Hoosier would like the simple Midwest pattern called the Ohio Star.  I finished this quilt several years ago.  It was big, or gynormous, as my friend Mary says, and consumed my confidence like a beggar might devour a free steak meal from the Vintage Press.  Once I laid it out with the backing and the padding, I folded it carefully and stored it in a large plastic Penney’s bag.


Notice I have learned to Photoshop my name on my photo and embossed it, too!!!!


It was comfortable there until I took my pictures of all my quilts the other day.  I had almost forgotten about it, but as I searched the house for any remaining quilts, there it was, tucked neatly away on the top shelf of my closet.  Forlorn, if quilts have emotions. Its sunny colors won my heart, and reminded me that one of my retirement goals was to finish projects.  Sunday, My husband wanted to go to the Home Show, and just before closing time as we were leaving – there it was –  Quilt Guild display.  I asked the woman in the booth if she knew any machine quilters.  She referred me to a booth tucked obscurely in the corner.    I actually had to stand in line to inch my way into the Thimble Towne booth.  Quilters were chatting, and I didn’t know who was promoting the booth, but quickly a woman addressed me.  Within 10 minutes I had her card, and she told me she could do my quilt within a week, if that would be ok with me.  I took my quilt to her house, not too far from my own this afternoon.  What an amazing place!  We laid the quilt out on a large bed-sized table.  I felt sorry that I had ignored it for so long, but happy that I found Barbara Graham.  With her daughter helping we picked out a pattern of roses and some pale yellow thread.


So I have to thank my new blogging friend, Amy, from the “piney woods of East Texas” and a website http://suchthelike.com/ whose simple comment, “I can’t wait to see it,” inspired me to post my quilts on my website.  And that action resulted in reaching my goal, and making a new friend.  Blogging helps me be a better me.


Ohio Star
Ohio Star (Photo credit: mak506)



Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

7 thoughts on “Ohio Star”

  1. I’m not a quilter and have no desire to make one, but I think they are beautiful. I’m glad it’s not a lost art.
    Congratulations on finishing the quilt. It always feels so good to finish a project like this. Here’s to many years of enjoyment.


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