Raising a Family of Pigs

This was my favorite guinea pig, Piggles.  A friend of mine that I taught with gave her to me as a classroom pet back when we could have classroom pets.  Of course, she lived at my house, not at school.She was so cute that I decided that I wanted to raise guinea pigs, and my friend had other guinea pigs, but I didn’t want to have brothers and sisters having guinea babies, so I went to the pet store and bought Buster, and brought him home as Piggle’s mate.I thought they both had such cute faces.  And they both had cowlicks – very cute.  In fact they looked a little bit alike.  In fact, my friend sold her extra guinea pigs to the pet store.  In fact Piggles and Buster were brother and sister.  Oh well.  They had cute kids.Sorry Tri is so blurry.  This was taken at least 18 years ago.  She used to be much clearer! JK

drawing by Joyce Purporo

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

44 thoughts on “Raising a Family of Pigs”

  1. My wife is 51 and still owns guinea pigs. She is down to 5 now, but had 14 at one time. Everyone’s response was “ewww, what about the smell” She cleaned them daily. I smell worse than they do. Too Much TMI ?


    1. Too funny. They are stinky if you don’t clean them, but they are adorable. Piggles wasn’t very well potty trained, so we always put a towel or something down on our laps if we held her. She always held it until she sat on my husband’s lap!!! Now that’s TMI and eeww.


    1. No, our guinea pigs could be outside all year. In the winter we kept their cage covered to keep them warm, and we would bring them in on occasion, but I didn’t like them in the house for more than a few minutes. You have to keep their cage cleaned several times a day if you have them inside, otherwise they are pretty potent!


  2. TOO cute!! Loved this, what a sweet little wee one there. I knew immediately where it was going when I read you were going to the store to get a mate….haw haw of course. That is what I love about life. Not incest mind you. Right, I’ll move on. Gerbils. We obtained two female gerbils at the store, darling little black ones. I was four turning five at the time. Well…I had a suspicion one was male. The pet-seller was very apathetic and I thought, “Ah, doesn’t know and doesn’t care”. My mum however believed it. So, I named them Sissy and Junior, terrible names, I know, but oh well. Sure enough, one morn, a little peach-coloured creature was in the bedding next to Sissy. I removed Junior. When I came back, there were six. They were adorable. When they were a bit older and very furry, I put them in a hollow aeroplane with window holes. It was something I’d found and Salve. They each poked their heads out the windows as I flew them around the house. Remarkably there is a photo somewhere of this. They were also very well trained and would come on command. All six of them. The rabbits we now live with are male and female, but the male, Bunion, is neutered. The female Gandhi Poe Lass (I have not gotten any better at naming I fear) can freely hop and cavort with her dear mate without worry.


    1. Haha the children’s book that I told you about is about Buster and Piggles. I need to find it and send it to you. The only problem is that I know you will love it and not be critical in any way the way a publisher would. My guinea pigs were adorable. I would hold Piggles for a long time while I watched tv. Then my husband, Mark, would hold her. It never failed that as soon as he took her, in no more than 5 minutes she really had to pee. So she did. He always held her on a towel after the first time. She never failed to disappoint. Why he didn’t take her out first, I don’t know. Marsha 🙂


      1. I would highly appreciate and absolutely adore that!!!! I loved reading about your Guins and I think Piggles is the cutest name! P.S. Forgot to comment how much I loved the art there, too. Is that the art from the book?? Fabulous!

        Same thing happens with rabbit Gandhi Poe Lass, only Sir learned from it- he sets her down first, she hops to her box, and then he picks her up again for a nice lap-rabbit without the sodden side-effect. It always happens with toads. They never urinate on me, I may kiss and hug them all I want, but as soon as they are given to Sir…drenched.


  3. Did I mention the rabbits come to their names as well?? They will hop into laps as well. They use their little boxes, and live on the porch, and I let them outside to play under supervision, as I’ve mentioned before. I must get one of those tiny Santy hats for them and get some shots of them hopping about as rabbit Santies. I wonder how they would feel about that…I bet they would purr. P.S. correction “at” Salve, not “and” Salve, blast me. Right, I’m done, this is the end of the the rambling…I’m this bad sober…I wonder what I’d be like if I drank as many champagne bottles as you do with your friend Ralph…Right, must stop, I’m done.

    Old autty


    1. I know! We much have imbibed at least 10 bottles over a period of 5 blogging minutes!!! And HE thought I had more hidden in my cabinet. I swear he rummages around my cabinets looking for more champagne while I’m asleep at night and he is on Spain time. He probably has a hidden camera in my cabinets, so he knows the instant I have something that has a cork in it. And now he doesn’t even admit that I won, so we drank all that stuff for naught!!!

      We have a neighbor that can’t see very well, but he does hear, and we think he can hear what goes on inside our house sometimes. One time we tested him. We came in from the mailbox, and I asked V, “Did we get that check?” V, said, “The one for $200,000?” “Yes, did it come?” YES, we got the check for $200,000!” Within 5 minutes the phone rang, and our neighbor asked, “Did you guys check the mail?” We were freaked out!


          1. Don’t have the nosy neighbours here, thank goodness. That was up north. We gave them pet names- Chatty Cathy, Mike the Guzzler, etc. Not the nicest, but then…it’s not nice to spy on the nutty people with the cats that fetch locusts without harming them and are perched upon by wild birds. Those people deserve not to be BEed. Here there is a kindly elderly lady next door, however, that one knows will get anything you say to her around the little neighbourhood…but I love her. I could never call her a Gladyse and I cannot spell (lime water!) or a Nosy Park, or whatever the phrase is, she’s just dear Lily, whom we love. Cheers,

            Autumn Jade


          2. Me too. People are so much friendlier here than they were up North! I did not know neighbours could be so fabulous until moving to FL, it was like moving to another country, and much for the better!!!


          3. Is that the Ken Williams that liked my Facebook page? Well, Autty, I’ve got to get ready to go have lunch with my dear Ladybug now. She was my secretary, and she is a dear. I’ll talk to you later. Don’t go near the lime water while I’m gone!! Lots of love, Marsha Lee 🙂


  4. Do you know what the name of one of the cats is? (what on earth, I’m back again!) Basil, from Dorian Gray. Why? I have no idea. He’s nothing like the artist in that book, although he is sensitive, overly sensitive. (his original name was Boomer…I was not going to call a cat Boomer…) He’s the most serious cat I’ve ever met in fact. And keenly intelligent. He has a resentment over not having thumbs, only time I’ve seen that in a cat, and he thinks a bite from one fire-ant is lethal. He’d write deeply dark, brooding poetry if he could. He is a Bengal, so he also has spots. At least I did not name him Spotty. Guess what I wanted to name the kitten (does she ever quit??) No, not Marsha, as he was male, otherwise you had it. Dostoevsky (I want to learn Russian because of that bloke). Sir disapproved. Then I thought why not Alyosha? No. Mitya? NO. It became Fyodor. Is that any better? I don’t know…I call him Fy-fy when we go on walks. He is coloured like banded silvery snow-scapes and has icy blue eyes and a tiny voice. He made me instantly think of Russia. He almost looks like a white tiger. Basil, the serious cat, instantly melted. “My baby” he thought. He is a bit of a bully by nature, but baby Fyodor can chase him all around the house, Basil blubbering and mewling. It’s fantastic. (when will she stop??) Since I’m telling you names, I might as well finish. There is Annie Cinder Patch, one of the worst names I’ve come up with yet…her original name was “Annie” and I didn’t like that and neither did she, I could tell. She is a very skittish, tiny cat, very quirky and funny. She seems to absolutely love Sir. Probably because she has decided he was the one that rescued her. Well, I call her Siddy for short, even worse, I know. (who CARES?!) Then there is Mia. I did not name her. She was another rescued cat, pure Siamese. And Malachite, or Malachy, whichever you prefer. Malachite-green eyes is where that came from. I love geology. Did you know that? (BULLY for you!) Malachy just fits him as well. He is the sort of cat that looks like he’s laughing all the time. He looks quite a bit like a wolf, and dances like a raccoon. He is terribly cheerful, the opposite of Basil, and also happens to be Basil’s best friend, apart from his adopted son (oh my gosh, she’s STILL going…where is the nearest cudgel?!). Ahem. And then we get to Katey Blue. Now her name I’m proud of. She is named after me mum’s middle name Kathleen. Kathleen-A-Blue is the full name. She is very funny and almost a carbon-copy, as the phrase goes, of me. She does not ramble, though. (Thank goodness…the house would be heard from the street-stereo meeowing) She’s clear and concise. Otherwise, just like me. Falls and everything. Cheers (At LAST…or is this a trick?!)


    Babbler, I mean, babs, or autty or jade or grannie or smilingtoad or (ENOUGH!) right…Tala!


    1. The names I have come up with are: Mama Kitty, Scardy Baby Kitty, Baby Kitty, his brother, Callie, Lucky, (who got rescued from my car’s engine, Boots, Kalev – AKA Puppy Girl, Al-Licks, Bud, Bud Jr., his son AKA BJ, Jesse, his sister, Piggles, Buster, and Tedlet. Nothing real creative in that set of names, I’m sorry to say. So much for being a writer of creative names!!! HAHAHaa


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