A Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Help Me Rhonda http://help-me-rhonda.com/ for nominating me for this award.  Rhonda called this a Piece of Cake Award.  She must have seen that little tiny piece of chocolate cake I ate in the privacy of my own home after my husband went to work and wouldn’t notice.  So now I had my cake, and I’m getting to eat it too, and share with five of my favorites.

Here are the Piece of Cake Version rules – thank you Rhonda for these easy rules:

1. Copy and paste the award logo onto your post.

2. Nominate 5 other people.

3. Tell them that you nominated them.

So I always try to pick new people because my other favorites actually become friends, and they know by now that I think they are marvelous, and you can too, if you link on my awards pages.

1. http://cheflippe.com
2. http://craighillnet.wordpress.com
3. http://dwelchel.wordpress.com
4. http://heaven4earthdotcom.wordpress.com
5. http://helpmerhondadotcom.wordpress.com

I also have some picks because Lee at http://lilaterbescu.wordpress.com also nominated me for a Lovely Blog Award

The rules for that award are: 1: Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog– 2: List seven random things about yourself– 3: Nominate fifteen other  awesome bloggers

So here are my sever random things:  1.  I use Wikipedia at least once a day.  2.  I haven’t ever played in moats, but we had a big ditch in front of our home in Indiana, and I built worm cities in it.  3.  I have never had my hand in the mouth of a pelican.  4. I baked a blue cake with green icing for my mother’s bridge party when I was 10.  5. I thought saddle shoes were so cool until I got a pair and wore them to school (too many old movies).  6. I loved watching Shirley Temple movies with my mom instead of going to school in 5th grade.  7. I loved the Twilight Zone as a kid, and got to watch an episode or two with a friend recently.

My favs

6. http://imagery49.wordpress.com
7. http://katrinaperkins.wordpress.com
8. http://lilaterbescu.wordpress.com
9. http://ljayhealth.wordpress.com
10. http://marlhtv.wordpress.com
11. http://mixandmatchmeme.wordpress.com
12. http://momentmatters.wordpress.com
13. http://nackynice.wordpress.com
14. http://nerdstorian.wordpress.com
15. http://nutsfortreasure.wordpress.com
16. http://ralphisworld.wordpress.com
17. http://reconstructingchristina.wordpress.com
18. http://retirementpassion.wordpress.com
19. http://rhsapinoso.wordpress.com
20. http://rodpossefamily.wordpress.com

AND http://justdan93.wordpress.com/a/ nominated me for the Sunshine Award.  Thanks Just Dan

Rules:  Link the award to the person who gave it to me.  Answer the questions about myself.  Nominate 10 bloggers for the award.  Link my nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.

Here are my Sunshine favs.

21. http://sophomorejinx.wordpress.com
22. http://stuffitellmysister.wordpress.com
23. http://thatwritinglady.wordpress.com
24. http://thebrineylass.wordpress.com/
25. http://thepennilesstraveler.wordpress.com/
26. http://thismansjourney.net/
27. http://www.suchthelike.com
28. http://www.trishfalin.com
29. http://www.authorthelmacunningham.com
30. http://fiammisday.wordpress.com

Here are the questions, you have to preface them all with What is your…

Favorite philosopher: So I wonder what category the writer of this award meant.  This is a starter list from Wikipedia.  Let’s see now I need to look up these words to decide my favorite brand of philosophy first.  Wow this is going to require a lot of thinking!  Now if you think these are the only lists that Wikipedia has about philosophers, then think some more, or maybe you know your favorite off the top of your head:

Favorite bad habit: chocolate just eating all kinds of junk

Age: Hopefully older than I look

Favorite time of day:  lunch time

Favorite time of year: I didn’t make the rules here, so in California we have 30-40 days of 80 degree, clear-air, sunny days.  Those days are my favorite times of the year.

Favorite dead celebrity: I had to look this one up too, and was saddened to find out that Maeve Binchy, an author from Dublin.

Favorite Christmas movie: Problem is that I don’t lie easily.  Not than I can’t do it, but I don’t enjoy it.  So do you really care what my favorite Christmas movie is?  I don’t really think that many people do, so I’ll pass on this one.

Favorite vacation: I have been fortunate to have gone to so many wonderful places in my life, that it is hard to pick.  I love to travel and learn at the same time.  When I travel, I want to visit museums, famous buildings, and sites.  I like to have tour guides.  I also want to visit famous restaurants – drive-ins, and dives are fine with me, too.

Physical activity: walking except when twirling in my new desk chair.

Favorite thing: Animate or inanimate?  I guess I would have to go with food.  That includes plants and animals, but no fungi.

So there you have all the information you need from me, and all totaled you will find 30 new favorites of mine listed here for YOU to check out!

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant. Read more about me here. http://wp.me/P7tP3I-2

25 thoughts on “A Lovely Blog Award”

  1. Congratulations for your set of awards! You certainly deserve it. And thank Ms. Marsha for sharing your award on me. This is so sweet of you 🙂


      1. Thank you! This is the first entry on my reader section that’s why I was able to read it immediately. 🙂 I’ll comply with this soon. Thanks again and congratulations 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for letting me know. That is really sweet. A friend of mine asked me if the awards were like a chain letter, and they are in some ways. What I like about them is how they sort of force the awardee to then look at other people’s blogs and make decisions about which ones they really like. It takes a lot of time to go through blogs and make those decisions. One person wrote me he was following 400 blogs! Yet, he took the time to write me back when I nominated him!


    1. Thanks so much. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the Twilight Zone until I watched two or three episodes with a friend one night. We didn’t even want to stop, but we had a meeting the next morning, so we didn’t want to run the two time periods together – too Twilighty. I can’t remember the names of the Episodes now, but one was about a girl who didn’t want to become the “perfect” person in exchange for her uniqueness and a lobotomy. The oher was about these folks that seemed trapped in this vast array of nothingness. One of them climbed out, only to be tossed in again. They were new toys in a Salvation Army Christmas gift collection barrel. Love Twilight Zone!


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