Shell Beach Bluffs Trail

We are going hoity-toity today.  You have seen pictures of the cute houses in Shell Beach, some cottages, some much grander.  Down the street towards Avila Beach is another section of Pismo Beach/Shell Beach called The Drifts.  You would miss this public walking path if you didn’t know it was there.Vince and I parked in the pristine parking lot, and started out, but I had forgotten my camera, as usual, and I started taking pictures with my iPhone.   The day was too perfect, and we went back to get the camera.So for a second time, we started out, armed with our best shot.As beautiful as the ocean is, I hate to say it, I have to look away from the ocean up the hill to record the shots of unbelievably opulent homes.  One car was just driving through the gate when we started out.  How fortuitous!  First one gate, to keep out riff-raff like us. Then another to keep out who knows who.  The wayward burglar, I’m guessing.  By the way the next photo is taken with my iPhone.Of all the beautiful things to notice, we liked the fence.  Most of it is made out of that indestructible cement material that looks like wood.  I liked the shadows it gave off as well.  This guy had more energy than I did, at least while we were looking.There weren’t too many people along the way, but we did meet the Tasmanian Devil, a poodle-something.  I thought he was gorgeous. The good news was that he didn’t even take a bite out of Kalev.  She was a little jealous.The trail isn’t very long, maybe a half mile, with a bit more added for curves.  Vince asked me to hold up the post at the end of the trail, so I did.  Kalev started on down past the fence.We didn’t go far on this little trail either,I guess the rope was there if you did try to go farther, and slipped.  From the end of the trail we could look over and find the beginning of another that led to a cave and from there, down to a clothing-optional beach.  Vince used the very powerful lens, and everyone on the beach was opting for clothing.Even though water is at a premium at the beach, we saw some beautiful flowers.  I love the bougainvillea, particularly the red ones.Here are a couple of examples of the real estate in the area.  Does anyone need a new house?Not to your taste?  Maybe these instead?Vince can find you just what you need.This was one of my favorites.This is picture a result of auto-focus.  The camera thought that the light post was the most important item in the picture.  I still think you can get an idea of the splendor of this home.  The light post is nice too.

So how much would you pay to own one of these lovely casitas?  I guessed 5 million.  Vince countered at 10 million.  Guess who was right based on the house at the end of the road which IS for  sale?Take a look when you get to the Central Coast of California.

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

12 thoughts on “Shell Beach Bluffs Trail”

  1. Some beautiful shots and a beautiful walk! I especially love the red flowers through the fence. I think the big dog is a Labradoodle, I have a adopted daughter in law who has one. (she is the sister of my son-n-law).
    Have a great day


  2. what???? you were going to use the iphone!! And we were getting along so well – I am so glad you stopped being lazy and got yer camera. Those pictures of the buildings and scenic views deserved that. and I enjoyed your running commentary on everything too.


    1. haha!!! Thanks for the comments!! I had to twist my husband’s arm to get him to go back. We were a mile away from our campsite, but then once we had the camera, he was totally into using it. He actually loves to take pictures, too.


  3. What a wonderful series! I have had a ‘run in’ with the auto focus on my camera too, wanting to focus on the wrong thing in the picture. I get around that by going to manual and setting a ‘preset’, where I’ve focused on the element that I want nice and sharp instead of the one the camera ‘thinks’ should be. Then I go back and compose my picture again and ‘click’! 🙂


    1. I have had to do that too. My problem is that my eyes don’t focus very well since I had lasik, and one eye is for distance and one is for close-up. Auto focus was a godsend for that problem, but as evidenced, it doesn’t work for everything. Thanks for commenting.


  4. I was thinking more like 30 million, haha, perhaps I estimate a bit too high. They make me think of Scarface, the film, a bit. Very similar to FL castles, I mean mansions. I must post some Florida mansions sometime. Where we live is a bit bizarre, you can find mansions down one road, and little economical rentals down a road a couple blocks away. Too fun. I must get kayaking were you can really see some of the splendid estates. I once wrote a poem about a body of a homeless man washing up on one such estate.

    Love the photos and your narrations, a wonderful story. Reminds me of trails I’ve been on here. Your trail is a larger version of a little one we have here, similar fence barrier, and there is one mansion right on the sea that one can see from there. Lot of dune flowers and other exquisite dune life. I especially love the little dune rabbits, a brilliant russet-colour with tiny, rounded ears like a mouse. I walk the cat there. P.S. That dog was stunning, and I love your dog, too cute. Rope in case of slipping?! That’s TOO nice. I go “swamping” in the mangrove trails here, called Hammock Habitat. Many little trails leading to the water, of which there are no ropes provided. You can imagine what happens to this lass…yes she takes a spill now and then. Not every time.

    (A side note: The other day I took a spill in the road on porpoise, pursuing a great shot of a sunset in a puddle. It was a side-road, no traffic, but sure enough a white car whirled up, the driver having noticed lass sprawled in road, and stopped, and out popped a brilliant lass in a billowing red scarf to call out in a voice of pure benevolence and concern, “Oh you poor girl! Are you hurt, are you all right?!” How could I tell her I was just photographing a dirty puddle in the road??)

    And I always end up in the water. Not because I fall so violently…though that did happen and I fell into a river once, but because I intentionally end up in the water after some photo. One time a giant jelly joggled by, I could not stay on land and miss that! Blue crabs also entice me in, or little minnows, or the water itself….

    Beautiful flowers, woooo!!! I loved them! Loved your post here, fantastic!

    P.S. This is the most disjointed comment I’ve ever left, oh dear. Well it’s one of those Saturdays. Thanks for the reads as always, I just love your writes!! Cheers to you lassie,

    Autumn Jade


    1. I was just thinking of you when I came in from my meeting. I got out the the car and bingo, down I went. We have a rock drive, and my stepping out of the car foot skidded off the edge of the driveway. I threw down my camera, coffee mug, and ipad – all encased in something – except the mug which is metal. If there had been a rope (for a 2 inch ledge) I couldn’t have grabbed it with my hands full of stuff. But in true skater style I just sat down, and that was that. No wonder I learned to skate. Who knew I would be such a clutz when I got older? Moral of the story – pack everything you carry in lots of foam. You never know when it may decide to jump out of your hands.

      Sooo…. back to my new business, how many abizia trees would you like to order? 🙂 I have hundreds of new treelets available daily. They grow fast. If I leave them in for two weeks, they will be nearly full grown. I have a discount on orders of 1,000 or more at time.


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