Nova on Ebay

“I’m surprised, the current highest bidder is someone who didn’t even ask me any questions,” my husband tried to be matter-of fact about the bidding process that would take his prize possession.

My husband is selling his pet car on Ebay.  He bought it several years ago the same way from “some dealer out of Ohio.”  DAS, a shipper, dropped it off in Fresno, where he recalls that I took him to pick it up.  As he remembers, I was very upset.  I’m sure I was.  I did not REALLY want him to buy it when I said, “WHATEVER if you want a car after we sell the condo, buy one.”  What man doesn’t get that what I really meant was, “You buy it and suffer for the rest of the time you own the car”?

AND the car is GREEN! He bought it green, and its STILL GREEN after a $10,000 and 3 year paint job that almost cost him the car.  I’m used to it now, and I think the car is pretty, but it is VERY LOUD, which to me is a minus.  To Vince, it’s a MAJOR PLUS.  In fact, it seems that is why he loved the car.  (Other than the fact it was something on which he could shower gifts.)

Yes, he bought more than just a paint job.  He bought it new wheels.  I thought the original wheels were fine, and we certainly didn’t need THEM taking up space in the garage where I could NOT park my new car. He replaced the upholstery.  Did he improve its look? NO!!!  He found an exact replacement for the ugly green upholstery which was sun-damaged and worn, online out of Philadelphia.

I was sort of ok with the car until he took it to get the paint job.  I was even sort of ok with that when I thought he might paint it red, but NO, he had them paint it GREEN!  The shop where he took his car told him that they were going to film a reality TV show about restoring old cars, and Vince was excited that his NOVA would be famous.  Vince was SOLD!!!  Every week, almost every day for three years he went in to check their progress restoring Green Nova.

“How much longer?” I kept asking him.

“It should be done in October.”

In November I would ask, “How much longer?”

“It should be done in January.”

Finally I started going in with him, and asking the TV stars myself.  I never saw ANY filming equipment.  We bugged them EVERY DAY!

That was fortunate because others car guys met a sad fate at that same Reality TV body shop.

About a year into the restoration process Vince bought a gray racing Nova.  Now he had TWO Novas.  Yes, AT THE SAME TIME!  Sort of.  Green Nova STILL lived in TV land as she became beautiful and famous.  I was too busy working, and wasn’t paying attention to what was happening in my driveway.  The first time out on the Famoso race track Gray Nova’s hood flew into its windshield.  I didn’t SAY much except, “I don’t like this, Vince.  This is dangerous, Vince.  You son doesn’t think you should do this either.”  That wasn’t a strong enough deterrent to stop him.  After each race, the car needed a $1,500 tune-up.  His son and I both kept telling him, “GIVE IT UP!”  That was in August, 2009.  Vince is NOT a stupid man, SLOW, yes, stupid – NO.  so with inward cringing he sold Gray Nova on January 24, 2010.  Green Nova was still lying in pieces in TV land.

As it turned out, Gray Nova Guy’s brother was also a car guy who wanted to create a combo car out of a 56 Nomad and late-model Corvette.  Vince recommended Reality TV Car Repair Shop to Gray Nova Guy’s brother.  About two years later, only a couple of months after the GREEN Nova was finally set free, NOT FAMOUS, but beautiful, the Reality TV show came to a screeching halt.  The police came and shut them down.  Gray Nova Guy’s brother’s CorMad was still in pieces in the shop, and the doors were locked.  I’m not sure if he ever got all the pieces, but he did PAY about $120,000 to the reality TV show CROOKS.  The police investigated Vince because he had recommended the shop. NOT GUILTY!!!  Vince had just been fortuitous that his own car had not been in the same state of disassembly.

After Green Nova came home, it mostly just hung out in the garage.  It started to win awards, in spite of being GREEN.  By this time in his life all Vince’s friends were tired of watching Green Nova win trophies.  Once everyone else lost interest, Vince  eventually lost his zeal to tote his car around California and then sit on the curb while others chanced by to gaze at it with longing.

So today we watched as the final minutes ticked by on the Ebay auction.  10 minutes – 1 bid for the minimum bid.  8 minutes – 1 bid for the minimum bid. 6 minutes – 1 bid for the minimum bid. 2 minutes – 2 bids!

“I’m surprised, the current highest bidder is someone who didn’t even ask me any questions.”  This is where the story started.  Then 26 seconds – 3 bids SOLD!  The same guy who called last night and talked for about 45 minutes.

End of an era  – farewell old friend.

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

18 thoughts on “Nova on Ebay”

  1. LOL. Marsha, it was great hearing your pespective on the Nova saga. I have been right with you on the other side of the story! This is your best blog yet & the first one I felt compelled to coment on.


  2. Oh blast…at first glance I thought, “ah kind of a cute car” and by the end, I loathed it. Entertaining as always. The bit about the interior just floored me GREEN TOO the same blasted upholstery as the original swiped off the net from across the country…OH GRAND real treat….a bile green delight. This made me think, “Ah excellent for Stephen King to spawn a novel from- The Dawn of the Novas might be one title idea…Novas from Hell another.”. That whole thing about the reality show was very daunting and scary. Glad Vince’s car was out of there before the bust. As always adore the tone in which you write, just excellent. The way Vince is portrayed is the sort you can get annoyed with, but cannot help but adore despite these expensive, slightly disturbing annoyances. You capture the essense of a bloke perhaps slightly too caught up in his passion. I admit I have a loooooove for the 1968 stingray corvette, but I will make do with a tiny replica. Cheers to you luv,

    -Autty Jade


    1. Oh my gosh, I did totally capture him because you have described him perfectly. How funny! He told me today how conservative he has become with money. I just laughed, so he changed it to concerned. I continued to laugh. I told him the right word is interested. He is interested in how we can spend more money. I have to admit that sometimes he comes up with some pretty good ideas about how to spend money, but my definition of conservative is someone who actually spends LESS than they make – by a LOT, and uses a coupon EVERY time they decided where to go out to eat. He then agreed that interested was a better description of his philosophy on spending money. Now here’s the real killer – I have a green Prius (I HAD to have the GREEN one) which would ALMST double as the same color, and our house is painted green!


      1. Oh my goodness lass…I’m overtaken by some kind of tidal wave of laughter. I adore you both, I can just vividly see all of this in my mind, as if I’m there beholding this sight. A great radio show it would make. TOO funny. Bile green house? It must be a slightly different tint??!! At least it’s not forest green HOOO I HATE forest green. Bleh. I used to live in a town and all you ever saw was an onslaught of rather ill-driven, forest green vans…they were bloody everywhere, no escape….Ahhhhh a Prius. “He then agreed that interested was a better description of his philosophy on spending money”….:) I am in an eternal sea of grins right now (that actually sounds a bit horrifying…)


  3. I can so relate. My husband’s is a 68 chevy pickup that he actually worked out of for a while – until it became a project. This past week, I began a cleanup project in his shop (of horrors) where I found hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of parts for this old chevy including new tire and wheels. I’m probably being kind on the money that was spent, because in truth, I don’t really want to know. He even has some body parts painted ugly school bus orange/yellow. And yes, he did buy the equipment and paint to do it himself. It doesn’t really save you any money when it takes you over five years to paint it all and change your mind on the color in the middle.
    I want him to get rid of it, but he claims he couldn’t get enough to justify what he has spent – something wrong with that.
    What is it with men and their cars? Seriously, a man could lose his home before he gives up his pet project that may or may not ever get finished.
    P.S. Not only did I completely clean out his shop, but I managed to sprain/break/damage my wrist/hand/arm. At least it gets me out of dishes for a day or two.


    1. That would be telling you almost everything, so I guess I won’t!!! Glad you loved the car. My first husband had a yellow duster that I thought was GORGEOUS. They are pretty cars. We saw a Plymouth the same color as Vince’s tonight on an auction. Looked pretty similar.


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