The Streets of Ocean Canyon

Envy made me to look at house after house imagining how I would look living inside their luxurious walls.   RVs held the same fascination for me.  I would go to the RV shows and drool over the $200,000 diesel Class A homes on wheels.  No more.  Now it is just fascination with the differences that people choose.  A walk down the streets of OC is a lesson in all types, sizes and conditions of RV all commingled  congenially within the Canyon.


To a snooty RV classifier, trailers are low on the totem pole of trailer prestige. A trailer is independent of the vehicle that tows it.  It has a short hitch that makes it more unstable to pull than a fifth wheel.  Regular trailers come in all shapes and sizes, tent trailers, toy-haulers to park models, tip-out, no tip-outs, and pop-ups.  They have fiberglass sides, which are smooth,

and ripply sides made of aluminum, which are less ritzy.

Trailers come to the park clean and dirty, old and new, repaired and dilapidated.



I’ll start with our trailer.   We quickly discovered that we couldn’t (or didn’t want to) pull it with our pick-up.  We have one tip out in the living room which allows the hide-a-bed to unfold and house a guest.


A step above the lowly trailer would be the fifth-wheel.  It is still a trailer, but SO much more, Snooty talking here.  Our OC neighbor had a fifth wheel, which doesn’t mean that the coach travels lopsided down the road.  This type of trailer perches over the top of the cab of the pick-up like a hovering typing teacher.  They are much easier to maneuver when you are backing into a tight spot. They jackknife without any problem.  The bedroom is almost always over the cab, and the unit may or may not have a tip out.  Tip outs allow you to make your bed without scratching your hands on the built-in night stands!

A motor home is just a home with a motor and any number of tires.   There are several classes of motor homes A, B, and C.  These are examples of A Class motor homes.


Most people own an A or C class.

The motors are either gas or diesel engines.  Diesel engines last longer and usually get better gas mileage.  I’m not sure of the snooty status when you take age and size into consideration.

C Class motor homes seem more common, but there is a huge range among the classes as far as price consideration.

Most rentals are Class C motor homes.  The next motor home might be classified as a Class B. I am not as familiar with that class, but I thought it was cute.

So no matter what your tastes, if you have an RV that you can move, you should visit the Ocean Canyon RV Park.  But don’t everybody come at once, because otherwise I can’t  make a reservation.


Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

12 thoughts on “The Streets of Ocean Canyon”

  1. Very nice pictures… I hadn’t realized there were so many options. I have – somewhere in my growing collection of thumb drives – a picture of this really cute little trailer that one can tow behind even a small car (like our Prius). It sleeps two and cooking and bathroom ‘duties’ can’t be done in it… but, it would be very economical as one wouldn’t need a big truck to tow it. Probably wouldn’t jackknife very easily either. 🙂


  2. Hehe, nice ending. I’ve been dreaming of RV having known great RV bloggers. The problem is…don’t laugh at me… i can’t park. Hehehehe


  3. What an exciting post. I always wondered what it feels like to live in an RV, the life of adventure, moving from places to places, the joys of freedom, to watch a sunrise in a state park where I just stayed overnight. Perhaps one day…


  4. I thoroughly enjoyed what you wrote about the RVs, trailers and Ocean Canyon. I have tried lowly trailers and cumbersome campers fitted into my truck’s bed, but never a motorhome. You make me think I should try again.


    1. There you go. Motor homes have their good and their bad points, too. Maybe another article. We ran the wheels off our first little Toyota. I think we had well over 100,000 miles on it.


  5. Truly, enjoyable (because I smiled with the commentary accompanying) and educational (because I, like many others, never considered the class system applies to even motor homes). The VW photo was particularly enjoyable, and one I never was witness to before. Thank you for the lovely words, photos, and experience! I enjoy reading yours here, and hope you may continue following along too! Thanks again!!


    1. That is the difficulty with a motor home! They are not efficient, but you are buying a lifestyle. You can go places and take your home with you. It’s helpful if you have pets or kids. My first husband was on oxygen., so we could stop when he needed to stop.


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