Dinosaur Caves Park

Hanging out in Shell Beach means a lot of walking along the cliffs to see the ocean.  (It’s called a “cliff hanger” town. JK)  Navigating in Shell Beach entails climbing up and down levels and levels of stairs to get to and from the beach.  You’ll stroll up and down nautical  streets like Leeward, Palisades, Santa Fe.  Along the main street off the freeway a myriad of small businesses beckon for your attention, amazing quaint places to coffee for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and kayak for entertainment.

But if you are a photographer or having a wedding, or happen to be a sea gull, Dinosaur Caves Park may be the place you want to carve out your spot.

Dinosaur Caves Park a great way to cut through the busy traffic as you start your walk into Pismo Beach.  I particularly like  this picture because the hills in the background remind me of the toes of an elephant.  Unfortunately for this pachyderm, it was preserved not just headless, but body-less as well

Photographer, if you get tired of water, and want take still shots like a normal land-lubber,  there are plenty of colorful flowers growing in this temperate climate.

Maybe you are in the mood to stroll around.  Dinosaur Caves Park is a great place to walk with the kids.  However, don’t be too disappointed if the only dinosaurs are cement, and the only caves are below you in tide pools. (and I can’t PERSONALLY vouch for their existence either)  You’ll just have to believe what you read on the sign, and of course, we ALL know if something is in writing, it IS the truth!

Oh, that’s right, YOU must be HISTORY guys and gals, you know to question the credibility of the source.  Dinosaurs or none, it’s a beautiful park.

Dinosaurs lurking!

Happy strolling!


Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

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