Mission Inn, Riverside, California

Romantic, historic, and definitely NOT obstreperous – even with 1,000 fourth through twelfth grade students and their parents and teachers meandering through the labyrinth corridors.

May was definitely the right month to stay here.  The weather was a perfect 80 degrees.  We were Walking in Sunshine, and it felt GOOD!

You may wonder how come everything was calm and quiet with hundreds of students going in and out the buildings.  The fact was that these students, far from being obstreperous, were model students.  Serious state contenders came to compete in National History DayCalifornia.

There were lots of wide open spaces for students to congregate, and most were busy studying or talking quietly together while they waited for their turn to present their projects to a panel of three judges.

Many of them took pictures, like I did of  all the photographic locations around Mission Inn.

So if you every get to Riverside, California, stay at the Mission Inn.  Even obstreperous middle and high school students are miraculously calmed by the majestic ambiance.



Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

4 thoughts on “Mission Inn, Riverside, California”

      1. I’m sorry I got confused! I just checked my photos, the Mission I’m talking is not a hotel but it’s a “Santa Barbara Mission” The Historic Landmark. Ohh boy! It’s obvious that I can’t blind in to be part of California gal lol.:)
        The place we stayed at before Santa Barbara was named “Summer in Hill” it’s a cute neat area facing the ocean.:)

        Hopefully I can go back CA again, Idd like to see San Diego.:)


        1. No worries! San Diego is amazing. The weather is almost always perfect. My dad lived there before he passed. Balboa Park was one of his favorite places. I got to go to an organ concert in the park there, and low and behold the organist was someone I had known from Portland, Or when I was a kid. Made my whole visit.


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