Extravagant India

Tanushree, a native of India, explains Indian religion and customs that even those not familiar with India can understand. Keep up the good writing Tanushree. there is a sweetness and honesty about her writing. Enjoy!

Tanushree Srivastava

India is a country of ancient cultures, beliefs and many superstitions. The land of India is worth worshipping if we trace back its history. The country is ruled by three Gods namely – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. According to the Hindu mythology this universe is created by Brahma whereas Mahesh is the super deity of life. Apart from these 3 divine characters, the Hindu mythology boasts of 84,00,00,000 gods and goddesses.
This staggering number is only an introduction to the country which is an epitome of cultures and traditions. I have read many posts by people around the world about India, I being an Indian think that I can draw a clearer picture of the chaos called the India Society.
India is a country where –
The mornings start with the ringing of the holy bell in a corner of every house.
The mother’s love is known by the amount…

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A weighty issue

If you don’t know SmilesALot1969, here’s your chance to get to know Amanda. I feel like I am an older version of her, so if she writes it, I’m probably also going through something similar, too!!! Hope you enjoy her funny writing!. I do!


So as you all know, if you have been following my blog, i’m currently being a typical woman fighting the weightloss war. Whilst by most peoples standards i am definitely not obese, by societies standards i am definitely bigger than i should be although i am very lucky that i am such a tall girl. Actually the only time i curse my height is when trying to purchase jeans and finding them flapping merrily around my ankles being far too short. 

So yet again morning finds me at the gym stepping up the effort as much as i can since to date all dieting and exercising has produced no results. I do not mind being proud that i work very hard at the gym doing both weight training (real hard training not pink barbie weights) and doing hard cardio to help with the burn. But all to no avail as…

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McDermont House, Lindsay, California

A Complaint Letter written and typed by a 12 Year Old

Dear Mr. Clint

I am very mad that you made it so my Friday evenings can’t be spent at the Lindsay McDermont pools! Yesterday July 27, 2012 many people were lined up outside for 20-25 minutes waiting for the pools to open. My mom called McDermont and they said the pools should be open. By that time it was 8:00pm. We then called 10 minutes later. The person who answered said the pools should be open and they would see why it wasn’t. They put us on hold, and then they took us off hold and told us the pool was now closed on Fridays. I will let you know, I might just be 12 but you ruined a lot of peoples evenings. Had you called all the members everyone’s evenings wouldn’t have been wasted. You did not only make my baby sister cry, you made people drive from FARMERSVILLE and VISALIA just to swim at the McDermont’s pool for nothing. Many people missed important shows (The Olympics opening show) to come swim. I say How dare you SIR. How dare you.
The one who’s Mad,

Sad Girls

Bernidean  AGE 12

Mission Inn, Riverside, California

Romantic, historic, and definitely NOT obstreperous – even with 1,000 fourth through twelfth grade students and their parents and teachers meandering through the labyrinth corridors.

May was definitely the right month to stay here.  The weather was a perfect 80 degrees.  We were Walking in Sunshine, and it felt GOOD!

You may wonder how come everything was calm and quiet with hundreds of students going in and out the buildings.  The fact was that these students, far from being obstreperous, were model students.  Serious state contenders came to compete in National History DayCalifornia.

There were lots of wide open spaces for students to congregate, and most were busy studying or talking quietly together while they waited for their turn to present their projects to a panel of three judges.

Many of them took pictures, like I did of  all the photographic locations around Mission Inn.

So if you every get to Riverside, California, stay at the Mission Inn.  Even obstreperous middle and high school students are miraculously calmed by the majestic ambiance.